Hillary Clinton Tries Slamming Ted Cruz and it Blows Up in Her Face

Hillary Clinton Tries Slamming Ted Cruz and it Blows Up in Her Face

If there are two things that Hillary is terrible at it’s gotta be first running for president and the second would be slamming political opponents on Twitter.

She seriously has the WORST track history.


Her latest blunder was when she tried to slam Ted Cruz on the now widely disproven story that he left his family dog at home in the Texas storm while they all skipped off to Mexico.

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Now this story was widely pushed by New York Magazine, but as it turns out it’s completely false.

Here’s the real story:

From People

A New York magazine reporter made the discovery on Thursday while visiting Cruz’s Houston neighborhood to verify that his street’s power went out amid punishing winter weather.

The reporter saw the family’s small white dog, named Snowball, still in the residence — which Heidi Cruz, the senator’s wife, had told friends was “FREEZING” earlier this week.

A security guard was stationed at the Cruz home, according to New York.

“When asked who was taking care of the dog, the guard volunteered that he was,” the reporter wrote. “Reassured of the dog’s well-being, I returned to my car.”

A neighbor told the reporter the area had gotten power back on Wednesday night, after the Cruzes were in Mexico.

In a 2014 Facebook post, Cruz wrote that Snowflake was a rescue “who has made two little girls unbelievably happy,” referring to his two young daughters, whom he said Thursday had convinced him to make the trip even as his wife’s texts, leaked by a member of her group chat, suggested the family had been considering it as a retreat from the temperatures.


Wow, this is really an all new low for both our media and Hillary.

And that’s saying a lot…

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