[VIDEO] Only 30-Days In, and Biden Just Got One of His Biggest “Backstabs” Yet

[VIDEO] Only 30-Days In, and Biden Just Got One of His Biggest “Backstabs” Yet

Joe Biden is just a month into his presidency and already, people are regretting their decision to support him.

He’s already backed out on two major campaign promises: $2,000 stimulus checks and big student loan debt forgiveness.


But for one Biden voter, there’s a issue that trumps them all…

Former Clinton advisor and feminist author Dr. Naomi Wolf is sounding the alarm on Biden’s COVID lockdowns, warning that if this continues, America will become a “totalitarian” nightmare.

Here she is on Tucker Carlson’s show warning us all of this frightening reality:

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Wolf also tweeted about this as well, stating that she wish she hadn’t voted for Biden if she’d known this would happen.


Indeed there are many who are having what’s called “Biden remorse.”

And there are plenty of Trump supporters saying “I told you so….”

He literally ran on lockdowns but hey welcome to the new resistance I guess. ?

This is why I hate low-information voters. You get no sympathy from me.

We in the UK knew what Biden stood for, why didn’t you?

You say there is a small window to fight back. I say this; that window opened in 2016 and Donald Trump climbed through. That window is now closed. You ought to be happy, this is what you wished for.

Um, President Trump told you he was all about lockdowns. Why didn’t you listen??

What do you think @JoeBiden meant by a “long, dark winter”?

They told you, WE told you. But you wouldn’t listen.


Seriously, any one who didn’t know what Biden was before they voted for him should get absolutely no sympathy.

You voted for a scumbag, career politician.

Why are you surprised when he starts acting like one?

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