[VIDEO] GOP Senator Found Sneaky Way to Stick it to Kamala During Impeachment Trial

[VIDEO] GOP Senator Found Sneaky Way to Stick it to Kamala During Impeachment Trial

The Dems have made a critical mistake with this impeachment sham.


It’s even dumber and more slapped together than the first one if you can believe that.

But a couple of good things have come from this mess – President Trump’s legal team has basically obliterated the Dems by using their own words against them in a series of video montages that drove the final nail into their impeachment coffin.

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And one of the other great moments came during the Q&A portion of the trial.

At that time a clever Senator found a way to stick it to Kamala during the proceedings when he (or she) asked a q1uetsion about the bail funds.

You’ll recall that Kamala promoted a bail fund on her Twitter page that raised money to get violent protesters and criminals back on the street.


The Senator wanted to know if that was a ‘dangerous’ thing to do.

You can watch the video below:

All this impeachment sham managed to do was showcase the hypocrisy and violent brutality of the Democrat Party.

And just as Team Trump was demolishing the Dems, the GOP establishment and Dems decided to change the rules and voted to add witnesses.


Team Trump responded with a list of 301 people – and Nancy Pelosi was at the top of their list.

After seeing that, Dems and GOP had a change of heart and decided to forgo the witness idea.

This was yet another wild miscalculation by Demcprrats driven out of paranoid fear of President Trump and his power and popularity.


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