Lou Dobbs Makes First Comments Since Being Fired From Fox News

Lou Dobbs Makes First Comments Since Being Fired From Fox News

Hours after Fox News announced it was canceling Lou Dobbs’ hit show on Fox Business, Dobbs went on Twitter to hit back at the network by retweeting people taking shots at Fox.


Fox said in a statement regarding the cancellation of Dobbs’ show, “As we said in October, FOX News Media regularly considers programming changes and plans have been in place to launch new formats as appropriate post-election, including on FOX Business – this is part of those planned changes. A new 5 PM program will be announced in the near future.”

Lou Dobbs Tonight was canceled after Smartmatic announced it was filing a lawsuit against Fox and several hosts including Dobbs. The network responded by saying, “FOX News Media is committed to providing the full context of every story with in-depth reporting and clear opinion. We are proud of our 2020 election coverage and will vigorously defend against this meritless lawsuit in court.”

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After Fox announced that Dobbs’ show was canceled, the host took to Twitter.

Many others took to Twitter to express their outrage over the show being cancelled, as well.

The announcement comes as many accuse Fox News of moving to the left. In recent months, Fox has seen their ratings slip as other right-of-center networks such as One America News and Newsmax have experienced an explosion in viewership.


This piece was written by Objectivist Staff on February 6, 2021. It originally appeared in Objectivist.co and is used by permission.

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