OANN Just offered Lou Dobbs a Job After He Slams Fox News

OANN Just offered Lou Dobbs a Job After He Slams Fox News

Lou Dobbs may not be calling out disgraced Fox News in his own words right now, but he’s still sending the message out loud and clear about what he thinks of those turncoats.


Dobbs found a clever way to get his point across about the Fox News traitors without saying a word.

He’s retweeting other people’s scathing comments.

Hahaha! Perfect!

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This is the latest tweet Lou retweeted. It’s from radio host Mark Simone. Here’s what he said:

“Lou Dobbs. The very best. Smartest voice on television. Had the highest rated show, by far, on his network. Had the highest rated show on the network he was on before FOX too, and the network before that. FOX in a tailspin.”

That last line “FOX in a tailspin” says it all. They really are. Fox keeps showing day after day what complete traitors they are.

Here’s a rundown of what’s happening at Fox News from Seb Gorka and dick Morris during a Newsmax appearance.

They nail it.



The powers that be over at OANN have taken notice of Lou’s fight, and they’re prepared to offer him a primetime spot on their network, where they say he will not be censored.

From 100 Percent Fed Up 

Since the election, it has become more and more clear that the anti-American and anti-Trump management at Fox, like lefty RINO Paul Ryan, do not care for the strong libertarian voices at their network.  They are afraid to discuss things like election fraud.  Lou Dobbs is not.  This is why he had the highest rated show on Fox Business–so high that they aired it twice per night during prime time.

Perhaps this is why a company like Dominion Voting Systems is on a massive legal warpath to sue Lou Dobbs and anyone who accuses them of participating in election fraud.

We recently reported that the firing is likely due to a spineless Fox management not wanting to deal with the massive lawsuit against Lou Dobbs by Dominion Voting system for 2.7 billion dollars for questioning the integrity of the 2020 election.

Since then, a Democrat Marc Elias questioned the election integrity of two 2020 elections and machines.  He is using very similar claims regarding the voting machines to those of Trump supporters. Will he be included in Dominion’s massive lawsuit(s) as well?

We don’t believe so since he is a Democrat working on behalf of Democrats.

In any case, after being let go, many were wondering what Lou Dobbs might do next.

Well, now they may know the answer. In a tweet by OANN’s CEO Robert Herring, Lou Dobbs seems to have been offered a job free of censorship with full support from upper management:

There’s no doubt that Lou will land on his feet. He is great at what he does and he’s a beloved personality.


Whoever s lucky enough to end up with Lou will be fortunate.

Personally, I’d like to see him do a podcast, and start a new “Rush-like” revolution.


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