Is Mike Pence Scared of President Trump? His Latest Weaselly Move Says “Yep, He is…”

Is Mike Pence Scared of President Trump? His Latest Weaselly Move Says “Yep, He is…”

Mike Pence is a typical, establishment swamp creature.


I never trusted him. I actually didn’t even like him very much – he just always seemed so fake and so plastic to me.

And in the end, we found out that he was one of the biggest traitors against President Trump.

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After all, it was Pence who stacked the WH with #NeverTrumpers, and Pence who refused to do the right thing for 75+million voters on January 6th.

He’s nothing but a GOP establishment flunky – and that’s actually one of the reasons why President Trump picked him – to help shore up the “establishment” vote.

But Pence was never America First – he came in a globalist and left a globalist, and I believe he was there to sabotage President Trump from the very close and pesonal inside.

That “aww shucks” mild-mannered “Andy Griffith” persona is a bunch of hooey.


And since a lot of the Pence traitor stuff has come out, Mike has done his best to distance himself from President Trump – and we all know Pence is not distancing himself because President Trump is unpopular – he’s insanely popular.

He’s likely doing it because he knows he was outed as a backstabbing traitor, and he’s afraid to face President Trump.

And Mike’s latest weasel move seems to back up that theory.

It looks like Mike Pence is forgoing the invite to attend CPAC..likely because President Trump will be there.

Here’s what the tweet says: “NEW – Former VP Mike Pence has declined an invitation to attend this year’s CPAC. Trump is expected to speak (Fox News)’

What a worm this guy is –and even more absurd, he actually thinks that he has a shot to be president in 2024…

And even crazier – he thinks he can do it by “distancing” from President Trump.


Just another clueless, out-of-touch elite politician who has no idea what the American people think and feel.


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