[VIDEO] You Won’t Believe Your Eyes…Driver Actually Survives This 30-Second Snowy Freeway Disaster

[VIDEO] You Won’t Believe Your Eyes…Driver Actually Survives This 30-Second Snowy Freeway Disaster

I saw this collision” and when I did I cringed just thinking about what could have happened to the Wisconsin man in that fateful car.


Here’s what we believe happened:

A driver was cruising along the freeway when he hit what appears to be a snowbank and his entire car – actually a pickup truck – flipped and went flying off the freeway.

That’s right, the truck went over the edge, and fell 70-feet, almost landing atop another car below.

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The remarkable thing in all of this is that the driver lived.

From New York Post 

A pickup truck driver miraculously survived a 70-foot plunge off a Wisconsin exit ramp, shocking new video shows.

Footage of the startling Saturday morning single-vehicle crash in Milwaukee shows a red pickup plowing into a snowbank before going over a barrier wall.

A camera operated by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation captured the crash after the driver apparently lost control of his truck, which was found upright by responding deputies from the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office, WISN reported.

Two other drivers came to the man’s aid following the wreck on west I-94 just east of Interstate 41 in the Zoo Interchange.

He was conscious and investigators said he did not show signs of impairment, the station reported.

The man was taken to a hospital by Milwaukee firefighters to be evaluated, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported.


Watch the video below:

The man is lucky to be alive…


County officials said they try to remove snow from roadway shoulders as quickly as possible to avoid such crashes.

“The biggest risk with that is the melting and the freezing creates sort of a ramp, a natural ramp,” officials said.


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