Actor Morgan Freeman Gets Hammered Online For His Hateful “F-Bomb” Super Bowl Tweet

Actor Morgan Freeman Gets Hammered Online For His Hateful “F-Bomb” Super Bowl Tweet

Morgan Freeman really needs to stick to his typecast rolls and voice over gigs, cause his presence on social media is a complete dark cloud.

Take his tweet from today, where he chose to lash out at Americans who wish to have a Super Bowl Party.


Ah yes, because in this day-in-age the Hollywood elite have a say in how we peasants choose to spend our time.

Check it out:

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Freeman is now facing some major backlash over this hysterical tweet.

Or how about everyone make their own decisions. You don’t want to go to a Super Bowl party then don’t. You want to, have at it.

They are having big one in Tampa Bay….

Also but it’s ok for your boy Biden to open borders letting in possible carriers of the virus????

I mean, if you’re that afraid, stay home. Let the rest of us live our lives. Very simple

Mind your on business and I’ll mind mine. Fucker

Go do more voice overs dude. Don’t narrate my life.

Well I am and there will be over 20 people there! Then we will all go about our lives on Monday and live happily ever after.


I mean, who does this guy think he is to lecture us on how we live our lives?

I’m sure Freeman isn’t free of breaking “social distancing” guidelines in the over-populated California cess pool.

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