Biden Just Accidentally Revealed How Truly Cruddy His Relationship With Obama Was…

Biden Just Accidentally Revealed How Truly Cruddy His Relationship With Obama Was…

If you had to pick a “BFF” to go through life with, make sure you don’t choose Obama because he sounds like a terrible best buddy.


As you likely know, Biden spent the better part of the primary, claiming that he and Obama were the biggest and best friends in the universe.

How can anyone forget this goofy tweet?

From Daily Caller

President Joe Biden told Anderson Cooper late Tuesday night that he is still getting used to living in the White House Residence, as he had “never been up in” the president’s personal quarters during his eight years as vice president.

Near the end of CNN’s town hall, Biden’s first since being sworn into office, the president joked that he still wakes up every morning, turns to First Lady Jill Biden and asks, “where the hell are we?”

That revelation came when Joe Biden revealed that in 8-long-years he had never once stepped foot in the White House residence, except for the “yellow room.”

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In other words, in 8-long-years, Obama never once invited his best friend over for a visit?

That doesn’t sound like a very good “best buddy” does it?


It sounds to me like Obama knows Joe is a scumbag.

Takes one to know one.


But at the very least, Obama is an articulate scumbag who can string a sentence together – Joe isn’t.

Obama knows Joe is a loser and a laughingstock.

Just imagine what strings had to be pulled to put Joe in the White House. It’s mindblowing.



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