We Now Know the Reason It Took Obama So Long to Endorse Biden…and Joe Can’t Be Happy

We Now Know the Reason It Took Obama So Long to Endorse Biden…and Joe Can’t Be Happy

Well, it turns out the most popular presidents in history was not actually a favorite of Obama’s from the get-go.


According to reports, instead of immediately throwing his full support behind his former Vice President Joe Biden, it turns out that Obama was pushing for Elizabeth Warren to get the nomination.

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Obama was actually so behind Warren, that he pulled strings to get donors to back her.

From The Hill

President Biden served with Obama for eight years as his vice president, but the new book “Lucky: How Joe Biden Barely Won the Presidency,” by The Hill’s Amie Parnes and Jonathan Allen of NBC, shows Obama helping Warren in an an October 2019 meeting in New York City with a group of powerful Black donors from the corporate world.

“Many candidates like the idea of being president,” Obama told the group, according to the book, which is being released next week. “But few really have a ‘why.’ ”

ary of objections the wealthy donors may have to Warren, who had vowed to raise taxes on the richest Americans, Obama personally vouched for her, noting they had overlapped during their time at Harvard and in the Senate and that she formed the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau during his administration. He urged the donors to back Warren if she’s the nominee despite any reservations they may have over her economic platform.

“So what if she raises your taxes a little bit? Compare that to what we have now,” he said, referencing former President Trump.

“Everyone in this room needs to pull their weight,” he added.


That’s gotta be a real kick in the corn flakes for old Joe.

He worked along side Obama for eight years and yet the former President still didn’t support him from the start.

That really does speak volumes!

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