Scott Baio Brutally Shames Liberal Comedian For Celebrating Rush Limbaugh’s Death 

Scott Baio Brutally Shames Liberal Comedian For Celebrating Rush Limbaugh’s Death 

Today, we lost a legend.


An amazing man, who helped create the conservative movement that we are all a part of today.

Rush Limbaugh passed away after a long battle with lung cancer, and so many of us are mourning the loss and celebrating his life.

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However, the left, who are evil, Godless, and hateful, are celebrating his death, joyfully.

Some of the things I’ve seen written online are so vile and so ugly, I am left speechless.

And it’s not random “trolls” saying this stuff.

It’s verified “blue check” Twitter liberals who are the vilest and saying the most disgusting things.

The good news is, they’re being called out.


Conservative actor Scott Baio shamed a liberal podcaster/comedian by the name of Cristela Alonzo for her filthy tweet about Rush.

Here’s what she said: “Happy Rush Limbaugh Is Dead Day! I didn’t even get the chance to put my tree up!”

Disgusting beyond belief.

And here was Scott Baio’s response to her: “I hope karma hits you hard! Shame on you.”

Here’s a copy of Cristela Alonzo’s tweet, in case she deletes it.

I agree with Scott.

I hope karma teaches that monster a lesson.

These are the people who claim they want unity.


I am here to tell you that they do not want unity. They want you dead, and when it happens, they will celebrate.

These liberals have allowed politics to turn their souls black.

It’s sad, but we can’t forget that…they’re like zombies, no soul, no heart, just focused on hate and power.

Good for Scott for standing up and speaking out.


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