[VIDEO] Trump’s Lawyers Just Delivered The Big TKO You’ve Been Waiting For…

[VIDEO] Trump’s Lawyers Just Delivered The Big TKO You’ve Been Waiting For…

Well, for those of you at home keeping score of the current impeachment sham, you can rip up your scorecards because Team Trump just delivered a political death blow to the Dems and there is no recovering.


What a shellacking the bad guys took today – and they deserved every last bit of it.

Team Trump has been criticized for not fighting hard enough, and for making some unforced errors early on in this trial.

Well, all is forgiven, because today they put the already weak and shaky Dems away for good.

What a delicious and brutal political smackdown this was.

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Team Trump came out swinging and exposed the Dems of staging and manipulating evidence.


But that was just the warm-up.

From there, Team Trump humiliated the Dems in the most brutal and effective way ever – with their own words.

This was Trump’s ace in the hole and it worked…it worked so very well.

Trump’s lawyers rolled over 10-minutes of completion video footage of Dems calling for violence, pushing for “fights,” and sowing division.

Here’s a sampling.


Trump’s lawyers effectively showed the Senators how the Dems used the fake media, not the law, Consitution, or facts to go after President Trump.



And it gets worse for Dems…thanks to their own stupidity, the Dems opened the door to talk about “voter fraud.” Did you think President Trump would miss that golden opportunity if presented?


Trump’s team was brilliant. It was one of those “slam dunk” days, where everything falls into place.

But why wouldn’t it? President Trump is once again in the right – he did nothing wrong, and we all knew as time went on that his innocence would be proven – and it has been.



And Republican senators are taking notice of the defense case and they’re impressed.

From Washington Times

Senate Republicans credited the lawyers for former President Donald Trump Friday for putting on a strong defense in the first hours of their arguments in the Senate impeachment trial.

“The president’s lawyers blew the House managers’ case out of the water,” said Sen. Ron Johnson, Wisconsin Republican. “They just eviscerated their case. Quite honestly, if I were the president’s lawyers, I’d just rest the case right now.”

Even Sen. Lisa Murkowski, Alaska Republican who is considered a likely vote for Mr. Trump’s conviction, said the defense team had improved its performance from the first day of the trial.

“I think they are putting on a good defense today,” Mrs. Murkowski said. “The first two hours I thought were well put together. I think the defense is more on their game today than what I saw the other day.”

Mr. Johnson said he was encouraged by what he called the Trump team’s “powerful” video presentations of Democrats repeatedly calling on supporters to “fight like hell” in various settings. The impeachment managers blame Mr. Trump for using the same phrase to incite his supporters to riot at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.

“I’m glad the president’s lawyers pointed out the gross hypocrisy,” he said. “If there’s incitement involved here, it started four years ago, it’s been relentless. The House managers had two days of a completely one-sided case, and I just think the president’s attorneys just blew their case out of the water.”

Mr. Johnson also spoke disapprovingly of video of Vice President Kamala D. Harris “cackling” with laughter on the Ellen DeGeneres show about the possibility of the sudden death of either Mr. Trump, former Vice President Mike Pence or former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, if they were with her on an elevator.

Democrats would need 17 Republicans to vote with them to reach the required two-thirds vote for conviction. Republicans say Mr. Trump will be acquitted easily.

This will go down as yet another massive defeat for Democrats – who continue to waste precious time and money on “revenge” that should have been spent on the American people.


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