[VIDEO] Homeless Teenager Demonstrates How He Cooks Meals While Living Out Of His Car

[VIDEO] Homeless Teenager Demonstrates How He Cooks Meals While Living Out Of His Car

They say necessity is the mother of invention, and this is certainly true for one homeless teen who has found unique ways to keep fed on hot, delicious meals. The unknown teen has gone viral on social media for a TikTok video he made where he demonstrates how he prepares delicious hot meals, even though he and his mom sleep every night in their car, the DAILY MAIL reports.


@randomhomelessguy2 posted his very first video on TikTok two days ago and it has already received an astonishing 12.4 million views. In the video, the teen is seen giving step-by-step instructions for cooking his dinner for that evening, which were hot dogs and spaghetti.

Needless to say, the video was an absolute hit, garnering the young man a following of 387.7k followers. In the video, the teen takes out a portable stovetop he says he purchased at Walmart for $15. He then takes out a pot he purchased from the dollar store for $3 and fills it with water from a water fountain in the park.

After plugging his mini stovetop into an electrical outlet in the park, he brings his water to a boil and begins to cook the pasta he also bought at the dollar store. After the pasta is cooked, he drains it and adds sliced-up hotdogs and a jar of pasta sauce, both purchased at the dollar store. He proceeds to eat the hot, fresh meal with plastic utensils he grabbed from a restaurant.

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The comments on his video by viewers have been very supportive and encouraging. One commenter said “Man makes better food [than] I do at home,” and he even got a shoutout from TikTok star Spice King who said, “You gon make it out king.”

Yesterday he posted a second video where he shows how he made do with the $1.25 he had left in his food budget. He goes back to Walmart where he purchases a loaf of French bread for $1. He then goes back to his park where he boils two packs of ramen noodles and proceeds to make a noodle sandwich.


Within a few hours of posting his video, he was receiving requests for his money transfer info so people could send him money to help him out. What is amazing is that so far, the young man has refused all offers for financial help, insisting that while things are tight, he and his mom have what they need right now.

He explained that his mom gets paid every Thursday and gives him food money to last him until the following payday, and then two of them go to sleep in their car when she gets off work at midnight every night.

The praise for his creativity and positive attitude have come pouring in, overpowering the negative comments questioning the legitimacy of his homelessness. Regardless, his videos are inspiring and uplifting to watch, with one TikToker summing things up by saying:


“Can we just appreciate that no matter the situation this guy is in, he still makes the most of it and is happy. Not many people have that.”


This piece originally appeared in UpliftingToday.com and is used by permission.

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