[VIDEO] Liberals Meltdown When They Catch a Glimpse of Tom Brady’s Pre-Game Look

[VIDEO] Liberals Meltdown When They Catch a Glimpse of Tom Brady’s Pre-Game Look

It’s not hard to shake a liberal and turn them into a bowl of jelly.  Pretty much everything on the planet makes them mad or hurt their feelings.


They are literally the most miserable and unhappy souls on the planet.

And they never take a day off from it, either — they’re always hunting for the next outrage.

And it looks like they found it on Superbowl Sunday.


The meltdown happened when Tom Brady strutted into the arena with his entourage and wasn’t wearing a mask.

This caused a meltdown of the most epic proprrotionns. ?

Here’s what “activist mom” Lisa Hendricks had to say about Tom going “mask-free.”

“Tom Brady could have used his platform to wear a mask and be a role model for responsible behavior. But nooooooo, he had to be a maskhole.”

You can watch the video below:

Here are some comments from mask-loving liberals:

“They should have not let him play. Will he be fined?”

“This is not even about using his platform, wearing a mask is just what he should have done to even walk into that stadium. And the fact that the NFL/CBS watched him go “maskless”, filmed it, then posted it…”

“He’s such an awful person. That’s why I want him to lose tonight.”

There is something just so unattractive about that level of arrogance & disregard”

“I don’t follow football, but know that he’s widely disliked. This helps explain it.”
“I’m mad y’all expecting someone who supported trump to be responsible but ok…”

“WTAF. Then he shouldn’t be playing.”

“He talked to his buddy Trump before the game who told him no masks”

These people just LOVE the government telling them what to do and want a lot more of it.

Pathetic sheep.



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