After Acquittal, Trump Releases One Sentence That Sends Shivers Down Establishment Spines

After Acquittal, Trump Releases One Sentence That Sends Shivers Down Establishment Spines

Well, it’s not a shock that President Trump was just acquitted a second time of the clownish impeachment charges from the Dems.


There’s a lot of celebrating online, but this one tweet from Don Jr. is among my favorites.

Team Trump was a little slow out of the gate and had some people worried for a minute, but the lawyers who represented the President pulled it together and ended up delivering a stunning defense that left Dems with so much egg on their faces, they could actually make omelets for the next 4 years straight.

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Of course, it wasn’t just the Dems who wanted President Trump convicted – it was Mitch McConnell and his stool pigeons as well.

As a matter of fact, after voting to acquit President Trump, Mitch took to the Senate floor and went on an absolute tirade. He’s now calling on President Trump to be prosecuted criminally as a private citizen…Gee, wasn’t that what you clowns just tied to do, Mitch?

Here’s what OANN reporter Jack Posobiec said: “Massive throw-down Mitch McConnell is now calling for Trump to be prosecuted as a private citizen “for everything he did while in office” “He didn’t get away with anything yet”

If they could impeach him a third time, they would…and who knows, they might…But this isn’t over, they will keep going after President Trump. But, he did nothing wrong, and he’ll win every fight.

And after President Trump’s statement, and this one sentence he added, the GOP and Dem establishment has to be shaking in their boots.


Here’s the line from President Trump that will keep the swampers up at night:

“Our movement to Make America Great Again has only just begun”

It’s amazing what’s happening now in DC  – we are getting a front-row seat to the greatest swamp show on earth.

All of the fakes, like Mitch, who pretended to like President Trump, but actually hated him all along and worked with Dems to make sure that he was removed, are now outed. There’s nowhere to hide anymore.

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Here’s what journalists Mike Cernovich said about Mitch’s comments today:

“McConnell despises Trump. That’s not an act. He’s not playing both sides. He hates Trump, it’s real, and he also voted to acquit because this proceeding never should have happened. And it backfired on Democrats as their own words were shined in their riot inciting faces.”


We can see who the traitors are plain as day. They have no shelter anymore.

And while we may be stuck with Mitch for several more years, we can all rest assured that after this, his career is over and he will retire in shame, knowing the crappy GOP that he built with his globalist buddies was killed by Trump and all of the hiss supporters.



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