Team Trump Called Dems Bluff and They Quickly Folded Like a Cheap Suit

Team Trump Called Dems Bluff and They Quickly Folded Like a Cheap Suit

In a last-ditch desperate effort to try and save face after Team Trump brutalized House Dems impeachment managers yesterday, the GOP and Dems voted to change the game last-minute and allow witnesses.


This was the establishment’s last chance to try and convict President Trump. They planned to use a story that fake news propagandists CNN pushed about Kevin McCarthy and President Trump arguing over the events of January 6th while the protest was taking place.

CNN had a source who claims they were “told” about the argument. More second-hand nonsense.

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Team Trump called Dems bluff and said, “okay, witnesses are fine. We have a list of about 301 so far, and the first person on the list is Speaker Pelosi.”

Right after that declaration the GOP and Dem establishment held a closed-door meeting and came out and said “okay, we’ve all agreed to no witnesses after all.”

Ha ha ha!


Looks like the Dems don’t want Pelosi to go under oath and explain to America what she knew about a possible attack on the Capitol before January 6th.

Because it took less than 2 hours to go from “we want witnesses!” to “no, we don’t want witnesses!”

Beautiful. They called Dems bluff and it worked like a charm.

In addition, the disgraced House managers also changed their “charge” midway through the impeachment and hoped that nobody noticed. They went from Trump “incited” an insurrection to “Trump didn’t act strongly enough to stop it…”

What a sham this has been.

This impeachment has been a bigger fiasco than the first one if you can believe that.

Dems and GOP establishment way overplayed their hand yet again, and in the end, President Trump was able to show the world how hypocritical the violent Dems truly are and Dems and GOP succeeded in making President Trump a living martyr.


All in all, this was a total win for President Trump and a disaster for Dems and the McConnell wing of the GOP.


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