[VIDEO] Tucker Just Opened Up One of His Biggest Cans of Whoop-A** Yet…Dems Reeling

[VIDEO] Tucker Just Opened Up One of His Biggest Cans of Whoop-A** Yet…Dems Reeling

There are still some big unanswered questions surrounding the Capitol Riots on January 6th, and very few people actually have the guts to ask them.


But Tucker Carlson most certainly does and he literally opened up his show with a monologue that’ll bring the D.C. swamp to it’s knees.

Watch the video:

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All these questions that Tucker is asking were also posed in this article by Revolver, which highlighted some of the interesting aspects of the deaths related to the Capitol riots.

Check it out:

From Revolver

With Narrative 1.0 turning into a total mainstream media hoax, a bald-face lie the size and phrenology of Brian Stelter’s head, the Globalist American Empire (GAE) media is transitioning to Narrative 2.0: strategic ambiguity and rhetorical conflation.

Sicknick wasn’t killed by a MAGA mob.

Sicknick died after sustaining injuries while physically engaging with protesters, per the Capitol police.

They’ve silently removed the “by,” and added a “while” and a “with.” Then reframed the entire clause in the passive tense so 90% of readers conflate what happened and move on.

But “Injured while physically engaging” is like “dying with Covid.” Even if you died in a motorcycle crash, they count it. It’s a trick.

But using this framing device, the memetic energy of Narrative 1.0 (the Brazen Lie) is preserved, without readers hard forking to a more accurate narrative that describes what investigators really believe happened that day:

“Officials Killed 5 People.”

But how exactly, did they die? We explore this disturbing question in part two of this explosive investigative series. Stay tuned, it’s about to get weird.


You know the old saying, if there’s smoke there’s fire and there’s quite a bit of smoke filling this story.

The truth will come out sooner or later, folks!

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