Absolutely Bizarre Recent Photo of Andrew Cuomo Emerges and The Internet Goes Wild

Absolutely Bizarre Recent Photo of Andrew Cuomo Emerges and The Internet Goes Wild

Governor Andrew Cuomo has gone from Mr. Popular to Mr. Bubonic Plague in record time.

Just a short time ago he was writing books and getting Emmy’s for his “amazing work” in regards to COVID.


Turns out he was actually sending thousands of old people to their deaths and then lying about it.

Gee, what a guy.

And if being a “serial killer” wasn’t bad enough, looks like Cuomo was also a “serial womanizer” too. As of now, seven women have come forward to accuse Cuomo of everything from heavy flirting to groping.

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He’s a real peach.

Everyone and their brother is calling on Cuomo to resign, even people like Chuck Schumer and AOC – but he’s still refusing to step down.

On the outside, Cuomo is desperately trying to project a look of stoic strength – but the reality of the situation is that he’s a mess.

We know this because of a recent photo that was taken of Cuomo walking outside.

He was spotted wearing a knitted “granny shawl” draped over his shoulders. He had a phone up to his ear and was holding what looks like a bottle of beer.

Folks, this is not a man “in charge” of anything.


Cuomo looks like he should be placed in one of his nursing homes.

When the image hit the internet, everyone went wild. Here are some of the comments:

Hello mom, I’m not going to be returning your shawl. It’s helping me get thru these rough days!

When you kill nana from the nursing home because you really wanted her blanket

“Can you get me off the hook, Joe? For old times’ sake?”

Grandma called she wants her shawl back.No, … Nobody can hear me or see me, … I have my invisibility cloak on. OK, bye, … I’m going back into the ladies room.

Cuomo looks like he’s on his last leg.

After seeing this pic, I don’t know how much longer he can hold out.

I have a feeling his resignation will be coming soon….Let’s hope when that happens he leaves his “shawl” at home.

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