[VIDEO] Australian Journo Just Said Out Loud Every Single Thing Our Media Won’t Say About Biden

[VIDEO] Australian Journo Just Said Out Loud Every Single Thing Our Media Won’t Say About Biden

Well, Australia is once again saying out loud the harsh truth that our useless, propaganda media won’t.

They’re calling out Joe Biden – and they’re not holding back. This is some of the harshest and most brutally honest reporting on Biden that you’ll ever see.


And it comes from Sky News host James Morrow.

During a recent broadcast, he declared that the world has become a “more dangerous place” under Joe Biden.

He said that America’s enemies have started to become more aggressive around the world while Biden is focusing on making the U.S. Military “woke.”

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Have you ever heard anything more spot-on in your life?

Music to my ears – too bad it’s a foreign newsroom reporting it.

Below is the transcript from Morrow’s piece:

JAMES MORROW, SKY NEWS HOST: Now, I think we can all agree that the world has become a more dangerous place since Joe Biden was inaugurated U.S. president. But the question we have to ask now is, why? I mean look at it. On Friday, Chinese forces committed their largest-ever incursion into Taiwanese airspace, as worries as grow by the day of a Chinese invasion of the Democratic island republic. Meanwhile, in the Middle East, Iran is on the march with its rebel militias, now attacking Saudi oil fields and building up a stockpile of missiles that has Israeli planners increasingly nervous about a potentially devastating conflict happening sooner rather than later.

And here in Australia, officials are now also worried that with the U.S. seemingly in retreat under Joe Biden, they need to dramatically up defense preparations to counter threats from the North, i.e. China. So why are things getting so hot so fast? Surely the U.S. is still big enough and ugly enough to ward off anyone planning anything truly dangerous, right? Well, not so fast because the U.S. military, I am sorry to report, has fallen prey to invading armies of PC wokesters, human resources PowerPoint jockeys, and identity politics radicals. So instead of being on alert to fight foreign enemies, the US military is now being used to ferret out domestic foes, i.e. anyone to the right of the Biden administration.

It started with the militarization of the U.S. Capitol by the National Guard due to the supposed-to-now-widely debunked threat of some further alt-right, ‘insurrection’, after Joe Biden’s inauguration. It moved on to National Guard troops marching down the halls of Congress to criticize a Republican congresswoman after she made comments they didn’t agree with. Then the Pentagon ordered a one day stand down of military forces across the globe to deal with the supposed problem extremism in the ranks, though those who participated in the training say that while the sessions were supposedly all about going after the alt-right, anyone who talked about antifa or Black Lives Matter and brought up the violence done in the names of those organizations, was quickly shut down. The sessions instead, many who participated report, were really about ferreting out anyone guilty of wrong think on the right. And here’s the sinister bit, it also encouraged servicemen and women to report one another to higher ups if they caught them saying or expressing the wrong things or ideas or opinions. I mean, really, how long is it until the U.S. military goes down the road of the old Soviet Union where political officers were always on hand to check everyone’s thinking and overrule commanders on the ground?

But it’s not only those within their own ranks, the Pentagon is also going after private citizens. After Fox News’s Tucker Carlson slammed America’s increasingly feminized woke military, the Pentagon and many of its top generals launched a full court press on social media to denounce Tucker Carlson, a private citizen. And speaking of generals, have a look at the US Special Operations Command’s new chief of diversity and inclusion. Yes, you heard me right, Special Ops has a diversity and inclusion chief and his name is Richard Torres Estrada. Now, where have we heard that name before? Oh, yeah. Here’s that same Richard Torres Estrada on Twitter, comparing Trump to Adolf Hitler.

Honestly, at this rate, China will need to defeat America on the battlefield if America under Biden keeps becoming more like China. And that’s the danger. If you’ve been following for me for any length of time. You know, my motto, ‘go woke, go broke.’ The US military is increasingly going woke and falling for PC fads and identity politics and narratives that come straight out of the hard progressive left. And that means America’s enemies from Beijing to Tehran, are not just laughing, but planning. These are dangerous times and thanks to Joe Biden, they’re getting a lot more dangerous.


Watch the video:

While our media – a propaganda machine that would make North Korea and China blush – hides Biden’s condition and his failures with glowing reports and laughably fake polls, while the rest of the world is literally cringing and laughing at us.

We are growing weaker every moment this sham “presidency” is in power.

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