[VIDEO] Biden’s Interaction With Secret Service Looks Very Odd in New Clip

[VIDEO] Biden’s Interaction With Secret Service Looks Very Odd in New Clip

Videos of Biden looking dazed and confused are a dime a dozen at this point, but this latest one is especially disturbing to watch.


On his way to board a chopper, Biden appears confused and starts meandering around the tarmac, presumably unsure of where to go.

Finally, the Secret Service and Kamala Harris shuffle him back on the right path towards the helicopter and hopefully, he made it up the stairs safely this time.

Notice how they have to run up and block him when it looks like he’s about to wander off.

And Kamala pats him on the back like he’s a child.

Watch the video:


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This whole clip is really is bizarre and definitely cause for concern. This doesn’t look how a US president should behave…at all.

Certainly doesn’t look like our last (great) one.

It’s not normal for the Secret Service and the Vice President to be lurking around Biden like an overprotective parent.

Honestly, when’s the last time you’ve seen a president treated this way?

Many users on Twitter agreed that this is completely strange and that Biden clearly isn’t the peak of mental fitness.

It cut off before he climbed the stairs. Did he make it?

Dear god this is difficult to watch

As a side note what happened to “social distancing” He is less the six inches from the Air Force personnel.

Oh, are we going up on the whirlybird?

He hasn’t been well since before election! Someone needs to check him before he destroys us

Notice how Harris finally pats and rubs him on his back like a lost puppy. Usually Joe does the rubbing. I think the wrong puppy was removed from the White House.

.. he obviously forgot where he was and what to do next ..


It’s painfully obvious that Biden is not well.

But it seems his caretakers are hard-pressed to keep going forward and continue to bury his condition until they’ve run out of options.

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