[VIDEO] Biden Sealed His Fate With Statement He Just Made About Trump’s Border Visit

[VIDEO] Biden Sealed His Fate With Statement He Just Made About Trump’s Border Visit

Biden’s situation at the U.S. Southern Border is an absolute disaster and he just keeps digging his hole even deeper.

Trump recently slammed Biden for revoking his “Remain in Mexico” policy and destroying all stability at the border and is now vowing to take a trip down there.


And Biden just majorly shot himself in the foot by issuing this disasterous statement on Trump’s border visit by saying that he essentially “doesn’t care.”

Yeah, it’s pretty apparent that you don’t give two toots about anything that’s happening at the border Biden…

Check it out:


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Not a good look Joe…you should “care” about something.

And it appears that he’s following Kamala’s lead and is stating that he’ll visit the border at “some point.”

From Reuters

U.S. President Joe Biden on Sunday said he planned to visit the border with Mexico “at some point” and his administration was working to ensure that potential migrants applied for asylum in their home countries.

Biden, who took office on Jan. 20, has faced criticism from Republicans for reversing some of the hardline policies of his predecessor, Donald Trump, which they argue has led to increased numbers of migrants arriving at the border.

His administration is wrestling with a growing humanitarian crisis at the border, where the spike in the number of migrants fleeing violence, natural disasters and economic hardship in Central America is testing the Democratic president’s commitment to a more humane immigration policy.


Sounds like Biden has a real fire under his butt to fix this mess, huh?

It looks like he’s going to ride his “blame Trump” game for as long as possible.

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