Man Behind Arrest of 24 Non-US Citizens Charged With Voter Fraud Was Appointed by Trump

Man Behind Arrest of 24 Non-US Citizens Charged With Voter Fraud Was Appointed by Trump

They’re investigating voter fraud in North Carolina, and they keep finding it.


Yes, despite the fact that Dems tell us that there’s no such thing as “voter fraud,” states routinely keep identifying fraud and arresting people.

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It’s even more disheartening when it’s non-US-citizens who are caught, and that’s what recently occurred in North Carolina.

Now, this investigation does not center around 2020 – it dates back to 2016, actually, and officials have arrested 24 people from Mexico, Central America, Nigeria, Yemen, and Iraq, among other countries.


But where there’s smoke, there is fire…and I am sure 2020 was a BLAZE.

From The Times News

A federal North Carolina prosecutor’s office that has been investigating allegations of voter-related fraud said on Friday that 24 more people have been charged over the past 18 months.

Two of the defendants were charged earlier this year with unlawful voting in the 2016 general election, a news release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office for eastern North Carolina said.

More than 15 other defendants, including four whose indictments were unsealed Friday, were charged with falsely claiming U.S. citizenship to register to vote, according to a list the government released of those charged and their nationalities. The two charged with unlawful voting also are accused of false claims of citizenship.

Several people also have been charged with naturalization fraud and the misuse of immigration visas and other documents.

Those charged are listed as being from Mexico and several central American countries, as well as from France, Yemen, Iraq and Nigeria and other countries. Each defendant was charged individually, and there are no conspiracy charges, according to the news release.

The first charges were filed in September 2019 and arrests have continued into this month, according to information provided by prosecutors. The defendants face possible prison time and fines.

U.S. Attorney Bobby Higdon has been like a dog on a bone, hunting down vote fraud.

He was appointed by President Trump.


And of course, right on cue, he was just fired by Joe Biden.

“Election integrity” is the last thing the Dems want to see happen.


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