[VIDEO] Woman Whose Legs Were Blown Off By Boston Bomber Comments on Him Getting Biden Stimulus Check

[VIDEO] Woman Whose Legs Were Blown Off By Boston Bomber Comments on Him Getting Biden Stimulus Check

Hardworking Americans, who’ve lost their businesses and been wiped out by a pandemic with a 99.8% survival rate, were barely able to squeak out $1400 bucks from Joe Biden, even after he promised $2000 checks on “day one.”


However, Biden is rushing to house illegal migrants in hotel rooms all over the country, costing the already-strapped American taxpayers over 80 million dollars.

And don’t forget, we have homeless Americans and vets living on the streets, while illegal aliens get put up in hotels that we’re paying for.

Look, if you ask me, the best and only ‘stimulus’ this country needs is to stop this nonsense and re-open. We’re going into debt in ways that we can’t even comprehend right now…but that’s how the Dems like it…keep Americans on a leash and begging for meager $1400 checks, instead of earning four times that through hard work.

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Even so, do you think Biden and our useless Congress could have coughed up more money for Americans if they hadn’t doled so much of it out to convicted killers and other assorted criminals sitting in prison?

That’s right – Biden’s COVID-19 stimulus bill made sure to include convicted criminals on the list of people who would receive $1400.00 checks.

How do you think that makes their victims feel?


Well, one victim of the Boston Bomber who had her legs blown off, spoke out.

You can watch the video below (warning language):

I think this is what they mean by the term “Boston Strong.”


God Bless this woman and shame on Joe Bien and his phony administration.

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