Clay Aiken Just Swallowed Some Red-Pills, and His Latest Tweet is Infuriating Liberals

Clay Aiken Just Swallowed Some Red-Pills, and His Latest Tweet is Infuriating Liberals

Clay Aiken just set the internet on fire with one simple tweet, folks.


Aiken echoed a conservative sentiment today when he tweeted out that the fastest-growing career field in America is victimhood.

Check it out:

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He’s definitely not wrong.

It seems like every day there’s someone capitalizing on their tender little emotions and using it as a way to make money or gain power and attention.

Needless to say, the left is absolutely losing their minds over this:

Delete this.

There’s still time to delete this

Good luck with this tweet cause it’s fucking gross and you should 100000% delete it

Big up Clay, you got courage. Hope you have enough bank to pay for the backlash

Cancel Clay.

Anything for relevance and attention I guess ??‍♀️

Stay in your lane, bro. Wherever that is…?

That’s not very “woke” of you.


This whole “cancel culture” is really getting ridiculous.

If you dare to have a different opinion than the hoards of politically correct Gen Z, then your entire life needs to be destroyed.

Talk about toxic right?

But the good news in all of this is that the radical progressive agenda is making a lot of people who were on the “fence” into conservative warriors.

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