OP-ED: Democrats Are Selling Out Their Own States’ Interests With HR 1 Push!

OP-ED: Democrats Are Selling Out Their Own States’ Interests With HR 1 Push!

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With Nancy Pelosi in charge and a very weak President, you get House Resolution 1 (HR 1), razor wire around the Capitol, zero election oversight, nihilism and hypocrisy like never before, new dem voters flowing through open borders, a chunk of $1.9 trillion for her full power over who gets congressional election monies, and a dangerous, disastrous string of bills flowing through a very inept delusional house!   It is encouraging to read so many bright people writing responses against this fearful tyrannical power grab!

“Democrats are selling out their own states’ interests.” That about says it all.


The sad fact is that precious few people even know or care what HR 1 is or its consequences. According to the Congressional website, HR 1 of the 11th Congress is called The For the People Act. The purpose of the bill is to allegedly expand voting rights, change campaign finance laws to reduce the influence of money in politics, limit partisan gerrymandering, and create new ethics rules for federal officeholders.

If you haven’t read HR1 yet, do so. Then ask yourself if this is a bill to minimize fraud in elections or maximize it for the party that wrote it?

Included in HR1: Mandates automatic voter registration (AVR) in all 50 states: any person that gives information to a designated government agency, such as the DMV, a public university, or a social service agency, would be registered. It mandates same-day and online registration.

Mandates no-fault absentee ballots: Does away with witness signature or notarization requirements for absentee ballots. Additionally, it would force states to accept absentee ballots received up to 10 days after Election Day.

Prevents election officials from removing ineligible voters from registries or confirming the eligibility and qualifications of voters: The bill would make it illegal to verify the address of registered voters or cross-check voter registration lists to find people registered in multiple states.

Bans state voter ID laws: Force states to let people vote without an ID and instead merely sign a statement in which they claim they are who they say they are.

Ensures illegal immigrants can vote: Bill shields non-citizens from prosecution if they are registered to vote automatically, and agencies are not required to keep records of who declined to affirm their citizenship.

Allows same-day voter registration: All states shall permit any eligible individual on the day of a Federal election and on any day during early voting to register to vote at the polling place and vote. A clause is included that requires same-day voter registration for the upcoming elections in 2022.

Legalizes nationwide vote-by-mail, without photo ID: States are required to provide for absentee vote-by-mail in elections for Federal offices and “may not require an individual to provide any form of identification as a condition of obtaining an absentee ballot.” A witness signature will not be required.


This bill is clearly unconstitutional.  However, if it passes, it will throw the current efforts in more than 30 states askew and delay the reform that is needed until the Supreme Court rules the obvious.  Every time I think that the Dems could not make our country worse, they outdo themselves.   Then there are the moderate Dems who again campaigned on the concept of independence from Nancy Pelosi.  They are morally and politically bankrupt, and the voters need to make them pay.  This is political cynicism at its worst.

This is Pelosi’s last stand at the “For Radical Left Rule Act,” or HR-1. The left-wing, which is now all of the Democrats in Congress except very few, will decide if they want a socialist-Marxist country or a Republic.

This bill will effectively end the Electoral College and leave the states in the hands of the largest, most overreaching, and most powerful government that ever existed. If the Senate Democrats decide, oh well, this will keep us in power forever, then our country will be done.  Our rights will erode and soon be gone and will strip us of our freedom of speech, religion, our right to bear arms, and everything else that makes America great.

If God forbid this passes, we will look to the SCOTUS to protect us since the states will sue, but we might be shocked as Roberts pulls SCOTUS more to the left.  So this will be a turning point for our country that may not end well. And a decision in favor of HR-1  will then be up to the American people.

So here we are. Teetering on the precipice of a socialist state. Who would have thought that all the sacred blood shed for our freedoms today would ultimately resort in a generation (or two) that has had it so good they have not a clue as to the evil they are about usher in unless more of our liberal friends wake up and help us conservatives tip the scales in favor of freedom (and away from leftist lies and delusion, we are all in trouble.

The Founders feared a “tyranny of the majority” above all other dangers facing our infant republic. They had the terrors of the French Revolution as confirmation of their wisdom only two years later.


They carefully crafted three separate and co-equal branches of government and the electoral college; they created the equality of each state in the Senate and staggered terms for both Houses and the president.  To that end, the Senate wisely adopted the filibuster rule to further the separation of powers.

The left has been systematically denigrating our history, trashing our heroes, and denying American Exceptionalism as rank hubris. Why?

By stealing the states’ power over elections, abolishing the filibuster rule in the Senate, and packing  SCOTUS, they will have stripped away the separation of powers and set the stage for dictatorship.

Hello, Argentina.


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