Don Jr. Triggers Every Leftist in USA By Sharing Harmless “Video Meme” Mocking Joe’s Fall 

Don Jr. Triggers Every Leftist in USA By Sharing Harmless “Video Meme” Mocking Joe’s Fall 

***Geat UPDATE at end of the piece***

As you probably know by now, Joe Biden had a fight with the Air Force One stairs and lost.


Big time.

Biden was trying to make it up the stairs and managed to fall a whopping three times.

And he didn’t just “stumble.”

At one point he was literally sprawled on the stairs, hanging onto the railing for dear life.

MORE NEWS: Watch: Video of Biden Mocking How President Trump “Stumbles On Stairs” Comes Back to Haunt Him

The White House claims he likely fell because there was so much “wind.”

The only problem with that lame excuse is that the weather forecast reported a nice “breeze.”

Obviously, Joe fell because he’s in rapid decline, both mentally and physically.


Either way, this is the man who once mocked the way President Trump “stumbles” downstairs, so hey, maybe he’s getting some karma payback.

According to the White House, Joe is “100 percent” fine and doing “great.”

Awesome, so let the memes and jokes fly, right?


Don Jr. shared a hilarious and harmless video meme of President Trump hitting a golf ball that hits Joe and knocks him down on the stairs.

It’s funny.

But the left has lost their minds over it.

Here’s the video:

People are so mad, that the mainstream media outlets are reporting on it as if it’s “hardcore/breaking news.”

And liberals are coming unglued.

“And this is who some folks want to represent America?”

“I’m pretty sure this is a threat against the President of the United States. How is Jr. not in Jail?”

“why are you promoting this abusive tweet? Reported!”

“Stop. Amplifying. TRASH.”

“Firing a projectile at the President’s head isn’t funny after Zapruder film. In fact, I think it’s illegal like saying you’re going to attack the President is. This could be inciteful for some nuts.”

“That family loves violence, don’t they?”

There are thousands more comments that are just like this…whiny, crying lunatics who want to lock Jr. up for “threats against Biden.”



Liberals have no sense of humor, and they’ve conveniently forgotten how they trashed POresidnet Trump (and still do) and would tweet out actual death threats daily.

Well, folks, Don Jr. has responded to the mainstream media, who is turning his “video-meme tweet” into the hardest news story of the centruty.

And in perfect Don Jr. style, it was very sarcastic and snarky…and that’s why we love him. 

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