Look at Drew Barrymore’s Dirty Feet…She’s Wearing a Mask While Walking Barefoot in NYC

Look at Drew Barrymore’s Dirty Feet…She’s Wearing a Mask While Walking Barefoot in NYC

What happened to that bright-eyed, funny, engaging actress we all once knew?


Hollywood happened…and turned Drew Barrymore into a mess.

Barrymore, who as you know grew up in Hollywood, starting off young as a child actress and then transitioned into adult acting, has seen better days.

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Apparently, she’s so haunted by “Hollywood ghosts” that she’s doing anything and everything to distance herself from her Tinsel Town past…including looking and acting like a hobo.

Barrymore was spotted on the filthy dirty, grimy streets of New York, barefoot in 38 degrees.

Is she okay?


Why would you ever walk barefoot on NYC streets? She’s got a mask on, but she’s literally walking on poop, urine, drugs, spit, and other unspeakable filth.

From Page Six

Actress Drew Barrymore hit the 37-degree streets of New York City Monday while barefoot.

Barrymore, 46, was seen wearing a gray shirt, matching “Free City” sweats and a backpack as she pounded the pavement without shoes. She also had a bottle of Just Water in hand.

She kept it bare below and up top, with her au naturale face hidden beneath a face mask. The daytime host has previously discussed her choice to avoid having any cosmetic work done, explaining that she fears her addictive personality would lead her to take things too far.

“I’ve never done anything to my face and I would like to try not to,” the actress said during an episode of her talk show, “The Drew Barrymore Show,” adding, “Never say never.”


Barrymore’s casual street style dovetails with her apparent desire to distance herself from the film industry. She recently told Andy Cohen on his SiriusXM radio show that she’s no longer interested in the big screen.

Drew would be safer if she took off her mask and wore it on her feet.

I hope she washes off her dirty, gross feet before she walks into her house.


Otherwise, she’ll be spreading things much worse than COVID to her family.

I think Drew needs some help understanding how germs are actually spread, and the benefits of footwear, especially when walking around one of the dirtiest cities in America.


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