OP-ED: Embrace the Leftist Hate; You’re Over The Target

OP-ED: Embrace the Leftist Hate; You’re Over The Target

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The ever-insightful Salon published a piece today full of backslaps and high fives for the ‘relief’ bill just signed into law. The screed was heavy on the weaponized rhetoric against conservatives with hooks like the one you read above from its author, Amanda Marcotte. Frankly, the entire article felt like it was prepared a month ago, waiting only for the final details, ready to be released at the press of a button.

Marcotte goes on to paint anyone who was against the bill (read: all persons who have a right-leaning conviction in their body—even one conservative idea is #wrongthink) as a diabolical sociopath bent on world domination. I wish I were hyperbolic. The second full paragraph of the article has four colorful adjectives describing conservatives. Five paragraphs in, I was out of fingers and toes to count just how terrible I am.


I set down the article and smiled. We must have gotten under the skin of legacy media types to receive such vitriol. My mind raced with a single question: why don’t we embrace the hate?

There is a tradition among many tribes native to our land called counting coup. It refers to the practice of showing your superior skill in battle by leaving a bloodless mark against an enemy and escaping unscathed. Some tribes would honor the occasion by awarding a feather or notch on a warrior’s coup stick. In the Hate Game (I’m trademarking that…), Democrats have us beaten and bruised. If we were counting coup, the score would heavily favor the Left.

For reasons I’ve yet to figure out, Republicans and conservatives are often lovely to a fault. When someone insults them, they look aghast, quickly replaying all social interactions in their heads to determine which word, stare, t-shirt, or bumper sticker offended the alleged victim standing in front of them. You see, these good-natured folks rarely set out to offend anyone, so they must have tripped up somewhere; else, why the slanderous retorts?


I’ll save you the trouble. You most likely haven’t done anything to offend the person screaming baseless accusations in your face. Instead, they are ‘counting coup’ on you and me and making us look silly in the process as we fall all over ourselves apologizing for something we didn’t do.

Unless you are genuinely off-your-rocker, you are not the “race-baiting liar” Amanda Marcotte would have her disciples believe. As such, defending shadow attacks from an opponent who is outwitting us in a game of their choosing drags us off-message. We are losing the Hate Game because most of us probably didn’t know we were even playing it.

I happen to think this is one of the areas of genius for President Trump. He understood that if he became bogged down in the Hate Game, continually trying to defend himself from shadowy baseless attacks, he would never get his message or ideas to the American people. The way I see it, we have three options moving forward: continue to lose a game we don’t know how to play, dirty ourselves in an attempt to play a game that is beneath our dignity, or embrace the hate.


For me, I will embrace the hate. Better people have called me worse things. I’m sure I even deserved it some of the time. Regardless, I’m done being mired in the coup counting. If the Left wants to demonize me—and some do—then I must be delivering a message they can’t beat on its face. After all, you only take the flak when you’re over the target.

As always, this has been the World, According to Chris.




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