Hillary Clinton Just Took a Big Ol’ Nasty Swipe at the Royals

Hillary Clinton Just Took a Big Ol’ Nasty Swipe at the Royals

Queen Hillary – as she likes to think of herself – was sitting on her big throne in Upstate New York, passing judgment on the British Monarchy.


As you know Hillary is one of the biggest elitists in all of America. Her family has wielded more power than most other Ameican dynasty families, and she’s been at the font-and-center of many scandals and controversies – some of the biggest involving the abuse of women.

So, it’s really, really rich to see her attacking the Royals for not treating women “respectfully.”

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I mean, give me a break. This is the woman who smeared and silenced the army of women who have spoken out about her lecherous husband his entire adult life.

But narcissistic, self-absorbed Hillary doesn’t think about stuff like that when she’s trying to inset herself into a story and scare up some much-needed PR.

That’s likely why she was clamoring to get a word in edgewise about the disastrous Meghan Markle interview with Oprah.


And Hillary didn’t waste any time trashing the Royals.

She stopped short of calling them “racists” as Meghan and Harry did, but she made sure to paint the Royals as an outdated, stuffy tradition that holds young, amazing women back.

Oh, get real, Hillary…

From CNN

Hillary Clinton weighed in Monday on Oprah Winfrey’s explosive interview with Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, and her husband, Prince Harry, offering support for Meghan and decrying the tabloids and bureaucracy that often targeted her.

“I found it so heart-rending to watch,” Clinton said during a Washington Post Live event on Monday, noting that she had met the pair as well as Harry’s late mother, Princess Diana. Clinton called it “heartbreaking” that Meghan was not “fully embraced” not just by “the permanent bureaucracy that surrounds the royal family, but by the media in the UK.”

Clinton, a woman who has been in positions of power as a former first lady, senator, secretary of state and Democratic presidential candidate, has at times faced heavy public scrutiny and pushed back on press she found unfair. British tabloid reporting on disgraced former US congressman Anthony Weiner, the husband of longtime Clinton aide Huma Abedin, became a significant obstacle for Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.

She noted that she’s experienced the intensity of Britain’s notoriously vitriolic tabloids first-hand, calling Meghan “incredibly accomplished” and lauding the Duchess of Sussex efforts to advocate for herself.


Clinton said that “every institution has got to make more space and acceptance for young people coming up — particularly young women, who should not be forced into a mold that is no longer relevant, not only for them, but for our society.”

“And it was heartbreaking to see the two of them sitting there having to describe how difficult it was to be accepted, to be integrated, not just into the royal family as they described, but more painfully into the larger societies whose narrative is driven by tabloids that are living in the past.”

She added, “I just hope that there will be some serious thoughtful consideration in all of the institutions, not just in response to what Meghan and Harry were talking about, but literally across all of our societies.”

Clinton also cited diversity as key to bringing such establishments into the future.

Hillary should worry more about how terribly she’s treated, countless women thanks to her disgusting perverted husband.


The damage she has done to countless lives with her “tabloid” smear jobs, rivals anything the Briitish press has done to Meghan Markle.

And speaking of outdated traditions – the Hillary political dynasty is so old it’s got mold growing on it…and no matter how many times or ways the American people make it clear that they don’t want her around, Hillary just keeps coming back.


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