What Happened to James Woods? He Left the Political Fight When We Need Him Most…

What Happened to James Woods? He Left the Political Fight When We Need Him Most…

The first thing I want to make clear is that I love and respect James Woods no matter what.


This isn’t a “hit piece” against him, it’s more a plea for him to come back and join the fight because we need him now more than ever.

James Woods has been a beacon of hope, strength, and common-sense guidance in a world gone totally wild, but since the disastrous 2020 election, James has checked-out of politics.

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I can’t really say that I blame him, things have been looking and feeling rather bleak as of late – but it’s times like this when we need James’ voice most of all — but when I venture over to his page to get some insight on what’s happening in this crazy world, I am left feeling confused.

James’ once very political page has morphed into something very different.

Now, I’m not saying I don’t still enjoy what James is talking about – because I do – I love this guy. I love his humor, his bravery, compassion, and his rapier wit. And that’s not lacking at all. He’s still that guy 100 percent.

Check it out:


Love those videos (I have a Pug, and they really do act like that when you try and trim their nails!)

But James has abandoned politics – at least for now.


His Twitter page is filled with cute animal and kid videos and wonderful stories about his amazing acting career – who can really complain about that? He’s a legend and a beautiful soul.

But I miss his leadership in the political arena.

I miss his calm voice of reason and his ferocious warrior spirit.

I miss his “yo mama” jokes to all the trolls and his famous #InstaBlock.

I miss James Woods being on the front-line of this battle for the soul of our nation…he made an impact and a difference.

But I get it — I know that sometimes it gets to be too much and the negativity can turn light to darkness…it’s a fine line we all walk, as we try and find balance within the chaos.

However, the selfish side of me wants “warrior James” back – even part-time. He’s just one of those people who are just so strong and such a leader that when he disappears from the front-line, you feel it.


So, James, if you happen to see this, please, know that you’re loved, appreciated, and needed, and if you can, we’d love to have you back leading the charge against these godless commies. We miss you.

But no matter what you decide, I will remain one of your biggest and most loyal fans.


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