[VIDEO] Biden Suffers His Most Catastrophic “Brain Freeze” Yet While Explaining COVID Bill

[VIDEO] Biden Suffers His Most Catastrophic “Brain Freeze” Yet While Explaining COVID Bill

We’ve seen a lot of blunder-filled videos from Joe Biden.


And it just seems as if they’re getting worse and worse as the days drag by.

I saw this one, and my jaw about hit the floor when I watched it – this is by far the worst one yet.

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Biden is trying to explain his COVOID relief bill, and he doesn’t even know what he’s saying – and he can hardly speak at one point.

Imagine if President Trump spoke like this. Imagine what the media would do…

And Dems would be calling – no SCREAMING – for the 25th Amendment. It’s very telling that the right hasn’t said a peep about Biden’s very obvious cognitive issues  – maybe they don’t want Harris in there – but there’s no escaping it…she will be in the Oval Office no matter what.

On a human level, it’s hard and sad to watch these videos.

As an American who didn’t vote for this nonsense, it’s infuriating.


You can watch the video below:

Here is what people are saying about this mess of a video:

“Sharp as a Tack. No way 80,000,000 votes for this guy. No way.”

“WTF Is really going on here? The world is seeing this pathetic senile old man and know our election was rigged. They aren’t even trying to hide it. Harris may not be senile but she’s not competent either.”

“Serious question. You own a McDonald’s franchise. Would you hire him to manage your business?”

“I actually fell sorry for him. He’s being taken advantage of and it’s clear that he’s not in his right mind.”

“Where the fuck is DONALD TRUMP WE NEED HIM NOW”

“Clearly he’s deteriorating! That’s why he won’t give State Of The Union Address! No way he has the stamina to get through it!”

“This guy can’t make it through a damn Sentence. We are the laughing stock of the world”

“This is not a statesman, this is a junior high school student unprepared and scared to speak in front of others. This is not good, folks”

“I think Harris is coming soon”


What a mess. It’s really hard to believe that this very befuddled elderly man won 82 million votes.


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