[VIDEO] Biden Asks Someone Off Camera a “Childlike-Question” About His Mask

[VIDEO] Biden Asks Someone Off Camera a “Childlike-Question” About His Mask

Nobody wants to see the US weak and treated like a joke.


As patriotic Americans, we want to see the United States shine, no matter who’s in office…but that’s simply not possible with Joe Biden’s admin.

They’ve got too much going against them right out of the gate.

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For starters, a large swath of the country doesn’t even believe he’s the actual “president,” and that’s probably the biggest issue.

The next issue and major concern is Joe Biden himself.

Clearly, there is something very wrong with this man. It doesn’t take a “Doctor” to look at this stuff every day and realize that there is a medical issue of some kind happening.

We all have eyes and ears and can see what’s in front of us, and I’m sorry, it’s not a “childhood strutter.”  That’s absurd.


Each day it seems like we’re reporting on yet another bizarre Biden situation – like this one here…

Biden was getting ready to give a speech when he asked someone off-camera, a very “childlike-question” about his mask.

That’s right, the so-called “president” had to ask someone if he’s supposed to leave his mask on.

What the heck?

This is the supposed leader of the free world – who is responsible for setting policy for everyone and everything – and he’s sheepishly asking some unknown person out of camera range if he’s “supposed to keep his mask on”???

Folks, what the heck is going on?

You can watch the video below:

And not to pile on this poor old guy, but his breathing sounds absolutely awful under that mask, as well.

Is he wearing one or two masks? Good grief.


Sadly, Biden is declining fast and furious-style right before our very eyes.

How much longer can his handlers keep this up?


There’s chaos happening everywhere.

World leaders are mocking him, and calling him out for having “dementia,” and our own country is in peril right now thanks to the crisis at the border.

82+ million people voted for THIS? That’s a really, really hard sell to anyone with common sense.


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