[VIDEO] Leo Terrell Breaks Down in Tears During Fox News Interview

[VIDEO] Leo Terrell Breaks Down in Tears During Fox News Interview

Trump supporter and civil rights attorney Leo Terrell appeared on Fox News recently, and something very emotional happened to him during the interview with host Martha McCallum.


Leo broke down in tears.

There is nobody who is suffering more through this COVID nightmare than our nation’s children.

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Besides the fact that we’re creating a generation of kids who will lack any and all social skills, and be so far behind “education-wise,” we’re also sucking the joy out of their lives and as a result, suicides are soaring.


Here’s what happened:

From Bizpacreview

Fox News contributor, civil rights attorney, and former teacher Leo Terrell broke down in tears during a segment with Martha MacCallum on “The Story” while discussing children committing suicide during the pandemic.

His heartbreaking response was to MacCallum’s segment where she spoke with the parents of three teenaged children who committed suicide during the pandemic. Terrell, at one point in his career, taught middle and high school economics. He has always loved kids. As MacCallum began speaking with him on her show, he let her know as he gripped a tissue that it was “going to be tough” for him to get through the discussion on the matter.

MacCallum had a great deal of empathy for Terrell’s sense of loss concerning the children and said that he had told her previously that teaching was “the most important work” he had ever done in his life and said his emotions were “very understandable.”

“What would you say to these kids out there who need to seek some help, Leo?” she gently asked Terrell.

Leo spoke out, and his response was passionate, emotional, and powerful.

You can watch the video below:

After the emotional interview, Leo sent out a tweet, thanking Fox News for allowing him to talk about the kids.


Here’s what he said: “Thank you very much Fox viewers. The two things that will bring me to tears: (1) Talking about my mother and father who I missed very much; and (2) children who are harmed and denied an education!!!’”

Thank you, Leo, for speaking out for the children.

They’re getting lost and forgotten in the politicization of COVID.


We’re sacrificing our kids’ lives on the altar of progressive politics, and it’s absolutely sickening.

I can see why Leo broke down in tears. The whole country should be weeping.


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