US Marine Corps Official Twitter Account Forced to Issue 2 Apologies After Attacking Tucker

US Marine Corps Official Twitter Account Forced to Issue 2 Apologies After Attacking Tucker

Tucker Carlson spoke out against the military recently, and all hell broke loose.


During his Tuesday night Fox News show, Carlson called out the military for its policies regarding pregnant female service members after Joe Biden discussed new “maternity flights suits” during a speech.

“So we’ve got new hairstyles and maternity flight suits,” Carlson said. “Pregnant women are going to fight our wars. It’s a mockery of the U.S. military.”

As a woman, I can say wholeheartedly that he’s right.

But what all the foaming at the mouth screamers are missing is that Tucker’s comments were actually about Biden & DoD leadership who are focusing their time and energy on “maternity flight suits” while China is over there quietly building the largest naval force in the Milkyway Galaxy.

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We the people have a right to know what’s going on and taxpayers aren’t paying the military to attack journalists for reporting on the news and criticizing the government.

Yes, the military actually attacked a civilian journalist for criticizing the US government.

What is this, North Korea?

This is what the official US Marine Corps Twitter account posted at Tucker.

This is what they said: “What it looks like in today’s armed forces @TuckerCarlson
Get right before you get left, boomer”


They posted the tweet with a photo of a woman soldier carrying a man.

Notice the official US Marine Twitter account used what many deem is a derogatory term for older Americans, “Boomer.” I actually think Tucker is Gen X, but that’s beside the point. What they said was unthinkably stupid.

And they received tremendous backlash for it.

Here is just a small sampling of the comments:

“The Woke U.S. military basically declaring war against Tucker Carlson is dystopian and unprecedented but also pretty much expected.”

“President Biden talking about maternity uniforms during a nationally televised promotion of 2 female Generals was an asinine thing to discuss instead of their professional excellence. @Tucker was right. The CIC was embarrassing our military readiness.”

‘China kicked our ass in a war game yet our military is melting down because Tucker said pregnant chicks shouldn’t raid al Qaeda compounds. God help us.”

“Military keeps vindicating Tucker with every new cringe tweet they post.”

“You have turned into a bunch of soggy easily-offended cream puffs. Disgusting to see this happen. Welcome to the new “Woke US Military” – hopefully warmonger Biden will keep us out of wars, because these soybeans are useless.”

“This is so incredibly embarrassing. I’m a disabled vet and you lost all my respect. My grandpa was a marine, my dad served and myself and two brothers all served. Our once great military traditions have turned into political theater by woke activist. So sad”

“An official @[email protected] account singling out and threatening an American citizen. I guess @SecDef is too busy cashing in his defense stock millions to do his damned job.”

“Deeply shocking to witness a branch of the US Armed Forces being nakedly politically partisan in any way .The decision to go after a member of the media is antithetical to the Constitution that you swore to uphold .Disgraceful .”

“What has become of my beloved Corps? I served alongside WMs 30 years ago without issue. I doubt they would object being pregnant may be detrimental to force readiness and not suitable for combat. Its not an outrageous position. But your tweet is beneath the Corps I served in.”

“If only you were as aggressive about achieving victory over our foreign enemies as you are [checks notes]…maliciously lying about and attempting to destroy U.S. citizens and journalists who offer critiques of identity politics because of how it threatens our national security”

Finally, the backlash got to be too much and they issued this “apology”:

We are human and we messed up. What was intended as a tweet in support of our female Marines and sisters serving in uniform was clearly not aligned with our standard practices or an appropriate representation of the Marine Corps. We will do better and serve the people.

And that didn’t seem to be enough, because the backlash kept coming “fast and furious” so they issued another one:

We can do better and we will collectively take a knee, review our procedures and get back in the fight. Our focus is to train, fight and win and we have a hard time doing that without your support.

And I have to be honest, that didn’t really work either.

I’d be here all day and night if I posted even half of the outrage tweets the Marine Corps received for what they did.


It’s official folks, the US Military has gone “woke.”

Another sacred conservative institution that the left has commandeered.


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