Marjorie Taylor Greene Just Orchestrated a Brilliant Move to Ensure a Dem Defeat…And It Worked  

Marjorie Taylor Greene Just Orchestrated a Brilliant Move to Ensure a Dem Defeat…And It Worked  

There is nobody who is fighting harder and earning a paycheck more than GA Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene.


This woman is a fearless powerhouse who is taking on not only the left but the right as well.

And at this moment, we really need to be fighting against these RINOs, because if we don’t get rid of them, we’ll never win anything, no matter how much we try and go against the Dems.

Majorie is calling out the weak Republicans.

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Hee’s what she said about “weak Republicans”:

“I called for a motion to adjourn to give Democrats time to think before they pass horrible HR1 & the Hate Police Act. Some GOP members complained to me that I messed up their schedule. I’m not sorry for interrupting fundraising calls & breakfast. GOP voters are tired weak Rs”

It’s also worth watching the video below, where she addresses that very topic on “Real America’s Voice.”


But it’s not just the Republicans she’s going after, she’s also taking on the Dems, and making big moves to ensure they go down in a ball of flames.

Marjorie has fought against Dem Cori Bush’s bill that would give violent criminals the right to vote.

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Here are details about the bill:

The Insider

“America does not love all its people,” Rep. Cori Bush, a progressive Democrat from Missouri, argued on the floor of the House, saying that more than 5 million Americans are prevented from taking part in an election because they are currently incarcerated.

On Tuesday, Bush and Rep. Mondaire Jones, a New York Democrat, offered an amendment to sweeping voting rights legislation, HR 1. The legislation, as written, would already restore that right for those with felony convictions, but not for those who are now behind bars — one in six of whom are Black.

“This cannot continue,” Bush said. “Disenfranchising our own citizens is not justice.”

The amendment failed. No Republican supported the amendment, and most Democrats opposed it too, leading it to be put down by a vote of 97 to 328.

The bill failed in a bi-partisan vote, but it’s what Majorie did at the end, to make 100 percent sure that Dems couldn’t pull a sneaky move and push it through somehow, that we love to see.

Here’s what Marjorie did to make sure that didn’t happen: “Bipartisan defeat of @CoriBush’s “Violent Convicted Criminals Can Vote” amendment on the House floor. I called for a roll call vote so that Dems couldn’t ram it through via voice vote.”

It’s moves like this that show the left that we’re fighting…and that’s what we need.

Because trust me when I say, nobody knows and exploits the weakness of Republicans like the Dems do.


If they see the tide turning, and recognize that we have people on our side now that will actually stand up and fight and challenge everything they do, it will change everything, because we’ll be beating them at their own game.

That’s why we need a lot more Marjorie’s!


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