Rumors Swirling Matt Gaetz is Leaving DC to Become The Next “Tucker Carlson”

Rumors Swirling Matt Gaetz is Leaving DC to Become The Next “Tucker Carlson”

Matt Gaetz is a rising start in DC, but it looks like the flashy Florida Rep. is looking for a new gig, and he may gave found it.


Rumors are swirling that Gaetz is getting ready to say “bye-bye” to DC swamp and “hello” to a new TV gig.

That’s right — the sun-glasses-wearing MAGA man is rumored to be joining Newsmax.

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Will Matt become the next “Tucker Carlson?” He probably could. He’s got the same swagger and political beliefs as Tucker, and he infuriates the left just as easily.

They even kinda look alike…


From Bizpacreview 

While reelection is still a long way off, Axios is reporting that Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., may not run again, opting instead to possibly leave Congress for a job at Newsmax.

Citing three sources with direct knowledge of the talks, Axios said the firebrand GOP lawmaker has privately told confidants he may leave office early in pursuit of being a media personality.

According to one of the sources, Gaetz has had early conversations with Newsmax on what role he could expect.

Newsmax saw its ratings explode in the weeks after the 2020 presidential election, as many on the right were angry and frustrated with Fox News’ coverage of the election. The network’s ratings have since settled down.

Not one to be camera shy, the Florida Republican has been ridiculed by critics for carrying a makeup bag with him, but Gaetz understands that image is everything when it comes to television and he doesn’t apologize for wanting to put his best foot forward.

An avid supporter of former President Donald Trump, Gaetz is one of those rare GOP lawmakers willing to call a spade a spade, and back it up with intelligent debate.

Gaetz is a Florida State University graduate who went on to receive a law degree from William and Mary. He was a state representative in the GOP-led Florida House before being elected to Congress in 2016.

Former South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy is a Republican who has made the transition from lawmaker to media personality.

Hired on as a contributor by Fox News, Gowdy recently scored opportunities to host “Fox News Primetime,” which airs at 7 p.m. EST. He pulled strong viewer numbers for those appearances.

Back in January, Gaetz dismissed talk about him running for the U.S. Senate, in effect challenging incumbent GOP Sen. Marco Rubio, who is up for reelection in 2022. Gaetz did throw out the possibility of running for Florida Commissioner of Agriculture, a seat currently being held by a Democrat.

Matt is big, bold, and unafraid of the “cancel culture.” He also loves pushing buttons and triggering the left.

In addition, Matt also has that wickedly sarcastic sense of humor, which is similar to Tucker.


Newsmax adding him on as their new “Tucker” would do a lot to boost their ratings and start making them even more competition for the traitors over at Fox News.



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