[VIDEO] Chris Wallace Puts Biden’s DHS Secretary in the Hot Seat…And He Gets Burned

[VIDEO] Chris Wallace Puts Biden’s DHS Secretary in the Hot Seat…And He Gets Burned

Look, I am no fan of Chris Wallace – part of the reason we’re in this mess is because of him.


Remember during the first debate, how he literally carried feeble Biden on his back and ended up actually debating President Trump himself?

So, no, I don’t like this little worm, but I’ll take what I can get in terms of media holding Biden’s inept admin’s feet to the fire, and I think Chris did that pretty effectively here with DHS Secretary Mayorkas.

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He definitely exposed the ineptitude and cluelessness of Biden’s admin, pretty easily.

In one clip Wallace flat-out told him he was “making excuses” for not allowing any reporters in to see/film the facilities where Biden is “caging” migrant kids. This is true. Biden’s admin doesn’t want bad publicity photos of “kids in cages” again. Can you just imagine how awful those facilities are right now? We’re hearing kids can’t take showers and it’s so cramped and overflowing with migrants. Biden admin doesn’t want Americans to see the “non-social distancing” and whatnot, among other things.

And in the next clip, which was the most damaging, Wallace listed all of President Trump’s effective border policies that Biden “rolled back,” suggesting outright, that that is why there is a current crisis at the border (uh, duh).


Also, watch how weird this guy is when he responds. Besides, lying through his teeth, he feels like a low-budget “Jeff Bezos” robot.

You can watch the videos below:

As I said, Chris is a worm, but these are two very impactful lines of questioning that other reporters are just not bringing up how they should.

In addition, Mayorkas could be one of Biden’s “dumbest” picks – which is saying a lot.

Mayorkas looks and sounds like a badly-programmed robot when responding, and his swampy “canned” answers are not gonna fly much longer.


What the Biden admin is missing here, is that immigration became the #1 election issue, not because we all wanted more…but because we wanted less.

This is why stealing elections is problematic; you come in guns-blazing and start pushing policies that nobody wants and that’s when your entire scheme is exposed and falls apart.

That’s already happening and we’re only 60 days in. And Biden’s WH response is to push out fake polls showing he’s so “popular.”

Everybody knows what’s going on, and soon, a lot of sh*t will be hitting the proverbial fan.


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