Creepy Photos Emerge of Meghan Looking Exactly Like Princess Di

Creepy Photos Emerge of Meghan Looking Exactly Like Princess Di

I came across an interesting set of photos while I was online.


I did a double-take, I thought for sure they had to be fake, but apparently, they’re not – they’re very real.

So, what are these pics I found?

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They’re pics of Meghan Markle.

Now, on the surface that doesn’t sound strange…but here’s where it gets interesting…in the photos Meghan is dressing up exactly like Harry’s dead mother, Princess Di.

There are four photos below of Meghan in various poses and outfits.

Some of these photos you’ve probably seen online or in the news.


However, you’ve likely never seen these pictures next to photos of Princess Diana, wearing nearly the same exact outfit, and posing in the same way as Meghan.

Is she trying to pay homage to Diana, or is this an actress playing a role, and is this how she reeled in Harry?

We know Kate, Williams’s wife, has paid homage to Dianna by dressing like her in the past, but Kate has been very public about it and only did it on special occasions.

I will say, given the type of opportunistic woman Meghan is, and how she never connected with the “Royals,” these photos tend to have a bizarre “manipulative” vibe.

Here are some of the comments from folks who were really creeped out:

“Wow, she is psychologically abusing Harry by evoking images of his mother, a way to get him to rely on her, and doing same with public, but the public wouldn’t remember all of these images, as he would.”

“I read a report somewhere that friends claimed she bought,read watched everything she could find on Princess Diana and then proceeded to emulate her. If true, it is not surprising that Harry (the little boy who lost his much loved mother) fell for her. Actresses will act.”

“Yup. She’s playing a part. Don’t you think she’s looked at every picture of Diana & imitating her dress & mannerisms?? Posing. Trying to be the NEXT Diana.  “

“That is pure evil, and Harry has no balls…she never made her place in the royals, because sh wanted to be Diana, and Harry wanted a mum..poor soul.”

“But to hear her tell it, she never paid attention to the royals and didn’t know anything about them.”

I think it’s nice to show respect to Princess Di. She was amazing. But I don’t think Meghan, who has caused so much upheaval, and chaos within the Royal family, and basically drove a massive wedge between Harry and his brother and father, is the one who should be doing that.


Good women unite families and make them stronger. Bad women tear them apart.

It’s no secret that Princess Di was not a “fan” of the Royal life, but as a mother, I find it hard to believe that she’d want to see her son have every bridge that leads back to his family, burned to the ground.

No mother would want that for their child.

Harry, much more than William, seems like he has deep “mother issues,” and someone as opportunistic as Meghan, could probably smell that from a mile away.



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