[VIDEO] Looks Like Mitch McConnell is Tossing in The Towel…Bye!

[VIDEO] Looks Like Mitch McConnell is Tossing in The Towel…Bye!

Mitch McConnell got his Kentucky butt handed to him by President Trump.


His little plan to take down President Trump backfired in his face, and since his “fiery” speech on the Senate floor, where he blamed Trump for the January 6th melee, Mitch’s poll numbers have been tanking, and he’s been getting beaten up in the “America First” conservative media and online as well.

Mitch’s massive decline started when President Trump issued a scathing statement against Mitch –  and that seemed to change Mitch’s tune.

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Suddenly, Mitch had nothing left to say about President Trump, except that he’d support him if he ran again in 2024. Yeah, sure Mitch, just like you supported him in “2o2o,” right?\

Give me a break.

And of course, Mitch is no longer the Senator Majority Leader…so needless to say, political life for Mitch isn’t as fun as it used to be….so Mitch wants to go home…

A new report from Newsmax says he’ll likely be doing just that – the talk all over DC today is about Mitch tossing in the towel – much sooner than later.

Mitch is planning a very early retirement – it sounds like he wants to get out of the swamp as quickly as he can.

Trump broke another one…

The only snafu is that he needs to make sure that whoever is appointed to his seat, is someone he hand-picks.


You can watch the video below:

This explains why Mitch just recently put out a list of “successors.”

I saw that and wondered what the heck he was doing.


Well, now it all makes sense.

Good riddance to bad globalist rubbish – but get ready, because his successor will be a Republican, but probably won’t be much better than him.


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