[VIDEO] Pelosi Just Lost Her Cool and Had a Crazy Public Meltdown…Is She Okay?

[VIDEO] Pelosi Just Lost Her Cool and Had a Crazy Public Meltdown…Is She Okay?

I think Nancy Pelosi is on her last political leg right now.


Something is just not right – is she okay?

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She’s behaving kind of like Joe, only instead of mumbling and shuffling off into a corner, she’s gone mad, and is lashing out like an uncontrollable child.

Pelosi is losing her cool because her plans to “steal” the Iowa House seat are falling apart, thanks in part to her Dem colleagues, who are not on board with this obscene power-grab.

And Pelosi isn’t handling this very well at all.

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She went on video and had the most bizarre “power-crazed meltdown,” and made it clear to everyone that she’s “The Speaker” and SHE can seat or unseat anyone she wants, even if the election is certified.


You can watch the video below:


Pelosi is off her rocker.

I think President Trump broke her into a million little pieces because this was a wild and crazy and terrible political move.


And it didn’t sit well with Americans either – many of whom are still reeling over the sham 2020 election:

“She is 80! Why is our country being run by people who are well past their prime???”

“Oh hell no. Is this true that she could do that?”

“So, the Speaker can just choose their own representative regardless of elections? Sounds like the way communists operate to me.”

“Who is running the country?”

“Incredible arrogance and dictatorship…a bloody gangster family too.”

“What happens when you throw holy water on her?”

“Where in the Constitution does it says this Nancy?”

“drunk on power and not even hiding. Election certified. Pelosi herself swore them in, and now she is saying she can call a re-do and remove anyone and insert another person at her discretion.”

“They ALL forgot who they work for”

This was not a smart move of Nancy’s part..and I predict it will come back to bite her hard.

Americans are so sick and tired of this “elitist” attitude coming from these politicians and celebrities…and we’re all coming to a boiling point.


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