Obama WH Stenographer Says He Watched Putin “B**ch-Slap” Biden, “KGB-Style” During Moscow Meeting

Obama WH Stenographer Says He Watched Putin “B**ch-Slap” Biden, “KGB-Style” During Moscow Meeting

Did you hear about that goofy, fake-sounding story that Biden is now telling everyone?


How he looked Putin in the eye and told him off?

It’s so absurd, and he only said it because most of his voters are conspiracy kooks who believe Russia is a big/bad boogieman.

Biden, who likely takes his dinner through a straw, wants to appear like a “tough guy” to his voting base so he’s telling this cockamamie “corn pop-style” stories again.

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This story about “telling off” Putin sounds so utterly phony, and now, we find out that it actually was.

The Obama WH stenographer has come forward to set the record straight, and let the world know that Joe is lying…again…about his relationship with Putin.


As a matter of fact, it turns out that Joe was utterly and completely humiliated by Putin – in public, and in the most ruthless “KGB way” you can ever imagine.

The moment I read this article, and what the stenographer said in his own words, I knew you’d love it.

Wait until you hear this story…curl up, you’re gonna love this.

From Natonal Pulse

I documented what happened at Joe Biden’s one and only meeting with Vladimir Putin in my book Joe Biden Unauthorized. I can attest that the title of my chapter on the incident – Bitch Slapped in Moscow – is the actual truth.

Biden got bitch slapped, and he’s pretending he didn’t.

Putin knows what happened. He was there. He knows he compromised Joe Biden, who appeared unprepared to deal with the ruthless, former-KGB agent. Regardless, Joe continues to perpetuate his “I was the tough guy” lie.

As Joe Biden’s White House stenographer, I stood directly behind Putin at a distance of five feet. Biden, seated across from Putin at an elegant conference table, was about 12 feet from me.

About 10 minutes into the meeting, Vice President Biden attempted to start lecturing about his decades-old part in U.S.-Russian negotiations with the dreaded phrase, “I’ve been around a long time. The first time I was here…”

And… cut.

Joe Biden got about one sentence further into that spiel when off went his microphone, off went the lights for the TV cameras, and stern Russian voices were commanding the press to leave. And leave they did.

They went out quickly and efficiently, with videocameras popping off of tripods. Equipment snapping shut. Portable lights clattering down retractable poles. No one spoke, and no one dared lingered.

This was Putin in all his KGB ruthlessness. Whether by some prearranged signal or simply an undisclosed time limit, he had pulled the plug and done the unthinkable: he’d stolen Joe Biden’s audience and rendered him speechless. Shut him down in mid-sentence with the flick of an invisible switch.

Across the table, I could see Vice President of the United States Joe Biden, in the now dimly lit room, looking as duped as an exhausted fish in the bottom of a boat. No protest, no complaint. No, hey, I wasn’t finished. Nothing. He was humiliated.

To me, the revelation was the premeditated precision of the snub. Putin or his team had likely plotted this all out. They knew exactly what bait to use, exactly how Joe Biden would take it, and then when he did, they reeled him helplessly in.

The Russian President and his delegation sat calmly and coldly as their American counterparts realized their blustery leader’s big moment had been stolen right out from under him. The most powerful man in Russia had neither fear nor respect for Joe Biden. He had just played with him for sport.

And just to make sure we know this stenographer isn’t lying, or telling a “Biden-style fib,” he linked to his actual notes from that neeting which he turned in to Obama and which are located on the WH archives website.

He wants you to take note that it ends “mid-sentence.”

You can see the actual document here.

Nobody and I mean NOBODY respects or fears Joe Biden.

He was considered a total laughingstock and joke when he was VP, and back then he still had some of his senses left.


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