Breaking: President Trump Just Got One of His Biggest “Vindications” Yet…Sweet Victory!

Breaking: President Trump Just Got One of His Biggest “Vindications” Yet…Sweet Victory!

Do you remember when the Georgia Secretary of State claimed President Trump called an official in his office and “threatened” her over the 2020 election?

The story blew up so big, that he said he was going to prosecute President Trump.


The media (WAPO) followed up with a (fake) story from an “anonymous source” that claimed they had intimate knowledge and details about the call, and that on 12/23 Trump spoke with Frances Watson, an investigator in the GA Secretary of State office, and ordered her to find “fraud” in the 2020 election.  The story then went on to say that Trump said she’ll be a “hero” if she did that. 

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Well, turns out none of that happened.

What did happen, however, is Francis, or someone sitting at Francis’s computer, deleted the recording of the call that proved President Trump never said any of that garbage that our fake news reported.

When asked about a recording of the call, Francis said she didn’t think there was one (yeah, it had already been deleted).

Well, the recording of that call was just found in the “trash” on her computer.

And now we know that President Trump was completely and totally professional and said nothing even close to what WAPO and their fake “source” said he did.

He did nothing wrong….again.

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WAPO had to retract its fake story.

Here’s what Beaking 911 wrote in a tweet:

“BREAKING: The Washington Post has retracted their story about Pres. Trump’s call with a Georgia election investigator “The Post misquoted Trump’s comments on the call” “Trump did not tell the investigator to ‘find the fraud’ or say she would be ‘a national hero’ if she did””


They also included the retraction from WAPO.

Our media is 100 percent pure garbage.

OANN reporter Jack Posobiec says the WAPO story is small potatoes. He says the real “story” is about the #NeverTrump Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and the coverup.

Here’s what Jack said: “If you think the is just about WaPo, this actually goes deeper so listen up The Georgia Secretary of State lied about the Trump call but a deleted copy was found Fulton DA opened an investigation of Trump – did they delete the evidence so they wouldn’t get caught?”

And this…

“Why did the Georgia Secretary of State delete the full audio of the call from Trump in the first place? It was only later found in a trash folder on a state computer They tried to cover the whole thing up”

These are all very good questions – but will we ever know the truth?

Will the Republicans actually get off their duffs and do something about this?

Probably not.

Furthermore, a Washington Examiner reporter brought up another good point:

“you all are missing the real story re: WaPo’s correction of its Trump/Ga. investigations chief “scoop.” the real scandal is that a bunch of newsrooms claimed at the time they “confirmed” the details of the “scoop” with their own anon sourcing.”

In addition, Daily Caller is reporting that Dems used the fake WAPO source during the second sham impeachment.


Fake news and “political hit jobs” are tearing this county apart and someone needs to take a stand against this, and people need to be held accountable.


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