[VIDEO] Bizarre New Statue of RBG Brutally Mocked For Looking Like a Gigantic “Chocolate Bar”

[VIDEO] Bizarre New Statue of RBG Brutally Mocked For Looking Like a Gigantic “Chocolate Bar”

The left is running around like chickens with their heads lobbed off tearing down our nation’s historic statues, and replacing them with statues of their progressive heroes.


Well, this new statue of Ruth Bae Ginsburg should be on a list for “tear down” because it’s so darn ugly.

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They made Ruth look like a giant chocolate candy bar. Kind of like the type kids get in their Easter baskets. Instead of a chocolate bunny, it’s a chocolate Ruthy.

What we’re they thinking?

You can watch the video below:



Here are some of the comments about Ruth’s new chocolaty statue:

“Did they order that from the Wonka factory?”

“Is that chocolate for Easter??? Can I eat the ears first?”

“Dipped her in chocolate”

“Made of chocolate? When do we get to rip it down?”

“This statue offends me! I don’t like it….let’s tear it down!!!”

“Is it displayed in Hershey, Pennsylvania?”

“This is a statue. I’m offended by it and demand that it be painted in graffiti, toppled and removed.”

“She’s looking kinda leathery “

“No words what a disgrace! She isn’t dark brown!!!”

“The irony of witnessing 2 black Americans clapping for a woman who ritualistically fought for the extermination of humans in the womb which disproportionally devastated black communities and contributed to the crumbling of traditional strong black families is jaw dropping.”

“God that’s ugly. Looks like a Hershey bar.”


Not sure this is the type of statue that Ruth imagined for herself.

But maybe it is if RBG was a big chocolate fan?


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