[AUDIO] Southwest Pilot Caught on Hot Mic Shredding Liberals “F**king Weirdos”

[AUDIO] Southwest Pilot Caught on Hot Mic Shredding Liberals “F**king Weirdos”

I feel like this southwest pilot should get the Medal of Freedom, and then run for Congress because he’s awesome.


A reported pilot for Southwest was just busted on hot mic shredding liberals and the “weirdos” in San Fransico.

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Of course, the PC police are furious and calling for this man’s head on a platter. They want his entire life ruined for speaking the truth.


From San Fran CBS

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — A Southwest Airlines pilot departing Mineta San Jose International Airport has been caught on an open mic delivering an expletive-filled rant against the liberal Bay Area population.

Aviation and travel blog One Mile at a Time published the account of a Twitter user who posted air traffic control audio from March 13. A person is heard saying his flight was “ready to go,” followed by a series of f-bomb insults.

“F— this place, g–damn liberal f—s.”
“Eight guns out here somewhere as it is.”
“F—ing weirdos, probably driving around in f—ing Hyundas, f—ing roads and s— that go slow as f—.”

The audio was archived at Live ATC, a website that livestreams and records air traffic control transmissions.

Will Lawton, the Twitter user cited by the blog, said in a Facebook post he is positive the person heard in the audio is a Southwest pilot.

“I’m pretty positive based on the same voice at the end of the rant says ‘Southwest 531 ready to go,’” said Lawton, who indicates he is a pilot on his Facebook profile.

A Southwest spokesperson told KPIX 5 that person heard in the audio is an airline employee.


Listen (warning language):

Here’s the thing about Political Correctness. You can sit around banning what people say all day but it won’t change the truth and it won’t change how people feel.

It’s like someone who hates broccoli not being able to say out loud that he hates broccoli.

Just because he doesn’t say it, doesn’t mean he loves broccoli.


This is the problem with “social Marxism,” it doesn’t seek to change your mind with facts and good ideas…It seeks to simply silence you with fear and power…and in the end, that approach will never win.

Sorry if this hurts people’s feelings, but the left are a bunch of weirdos, for a number of reasons…and nothing anyone says will change that.

I hope this man doesn’t lose his livelihood for stating his opinion because he nailed it.


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