Cruz Just Issued Blistering Challenge To Biden “Let the American People See Your Failure”

Cruz Just Issued Blistering Challenge To Biden “Let the American People See Your Failure”

Ted Cruz has seen enough of Biden and his horrible policies that are wreaking havoc on our country.

In only just a couple of months, Biden has managed to completely dismantle any shred of stability we had at the U.S. Southern Border by revoking Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy as well as promising amnesty to many undocumented migrants.


It’s a complete humanitarian crisis with children drowning in the Rio Grande and families packed into detention facilities like sardines.

And the worst part of all is that Biden is pulling the wool over everyones eyes by not allowing any press near these facilities to capture the chaos, and somehow, he’s facing nearly zero flack for it.

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But Ted Cruz is not kowtowing to the ridiculous status quo and is calling for Biden to let the press and the American people see what a disaster he has created.

He’s telling Biden to let America see your failures.

From The Daily Wire

“This past Thursday and Friday, eighteen of my Senate colleagues and I visited the border and witnessed firsthand the staggering public health and humanitarian crisis caused by your policies,” Cruz wrote. “We understand the heartbreaking tragedy unfolding at the border because we were there. We saw it. But the American people are unable to see it because you remain intent on keeping the media from shining a light on your administration’s failures.”

Cruz said that reporters from across the country came to the facility when the Senators were there so they could report on what was going on, but they were blocked by the Biden administration. Cruz posted a video to social media on Sunday that allegedly showed a Biden administration official repeatedly trying to block him from taking pictures of migrants being crammed together in overcrowded facilities during a pandemic.

“They could not show the American people what it looks like when a tent city built to house 250 children under COVID restrictions instead houses 4,200,” Cruz wrote. “They could not show the American people cages after cages of little boys lying side-by-side, of little girls lying side-by-side, covered with reflective emergency blankets with virtually no space between them. They could not see the playpen of infants and toddlers brought here by human traffickers and then left alone. They could not see the row of children who, having just been crammed into the crowded cages, were now testing positive for COVID-19.”


It’s completely outrageous that the media is barely batting an eyelash at these atrocities that are being committed by Biden.

Can you imagine if this was happening under Trump?

They had a meltdown just over kids in cages…but apparently children dying is not a big deal this time around.

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