Huge Development in Tiger Woods Crash Case – They Now Know What Caused The Accident

Huge Development in Tiger Woods Crash Case – They Now Know What Caused The Accident

The Tiger Woods car crash is one of the most bizarre cases we’ve seen in a long while.


When it first happened, we were told immediately, that it was an “accident” and that Tiger was not at fault.

We were also told he was “tested” and was not under the influence of anything.

After that, some experts came out and suggested that it was a “distracted driving” situation, and speculated that Tiger may have fallen asleep at the wheel.

The next strange instance came when we were told that Tiger wasn’t cleared and that it was still an active investigation.

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At that point, a warrant was issued to get the “black box” from Tiger’s car, and we were told new tests would be run to determine if any substances may have impaired his driving.

It was all starting to sound like a political hit job since Tiger and Trump are such good buddies.

But then the forensic results from the “black box” came back, and it showed something very interesting and perhaps rather “damning” for Tiger.

The black box revealed that Tiger never once hit the breaks.


That likely means something was “up” and it was not your run-of-the-mill crash.

Well, that was the last word we had on it…until today…and I gotta tell you, the mystery deepens, folks.

Check it out:

From TMZ

The investigators tasked with finding the cause of the Tiger Woods crash have determined the cause of the accident — but they’re not releasing the results, citing “privacy issues.”

L.A. County Sheriff Alex Villanueva confirmed Wednesday the investigation into Woods stemming from the Feb. 23 crash has wrapped up — but when pressed on the findings, he told the media he won’t go public with the findings until he gets permission from Tiger’s camp.

“A cause has been determined, the investigation has concluded,” Villanueva said.

“We have reached out to Tiger Woods and his personnel … There’s some privacy issues on releasing information on the investigation so we’re going to ask them if they waive the privacy and then we will be able to do a full release on all the information regarding the accident.”

Villanueva did not expand on why he would need Tiger’s permission to release the info.

I don’t even know what to make of this.

I’d think if it was something “illegal” officials would be able to release the information without Tiger’s permission since he’d be charged.

But that doesn’t appear to be the case.


They’re citing privacy as the reason.

Perhaps he did fall asleep at the wheel as the experts suggested?

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