Tiger Woods Crash Case Takes Another Wild “Forensic” Turn…What is Going On?

Tiger Woods Crash Case Takes Another Wild “Forensic” Turn…What is Going On?

We’ve been reporting on the Tiger Woods case since the crash happened.


And as this goes on, it’s getting weirder and weirder.

My opinion, based on what’s going down, is that it feels as if Cali officials are hell-bent on sullying Tiger’s name over this accident.

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What started out as an “open and shut” case, has morphed into what feels like a secret investigation. Many forensic “experts” came forward early on and spoke to the press. They threw out theories that even though Tiger was not “chemically impaired” it was still his fault – they said he could have been on the phone, or sleeping, or distracted in some other way, and Cali officials now appear to be heading in that direction.

The crash investigation started out with officials making it very clear Tiger was not in the wrong – and then a sudden change happened, where now, they’re looking for proof that he caused the crash.

A couple of weeks ago we reported that a warrant was issued to take possession of the black box in Tiger’s car and now, forensic experts are grilling Tiger.

And the real kicker now is that they’re talking about “drugs” again – even though we were told all tests came back negative – now they want more tests and investigations into the possibility that Tiger was high on something.


The shift from “nothing to see here” to “Tiger may be lying and could have caused all of this” happened very quickly.

Now, I don’t think I am being paranoid, but it’s not a secret that Tiger and President Trump are close friends, so could this be political?

Just throwing it out there as a possibility…

From New York Post 

Sheriff Alex Villanueva announced on Feb. 23 — when Woods crashed a loaned Genesis GV80, breaking several bones in his leg — that his deputies “did not see any evidence of impairment.”

A day later, he announced that the crash was “purely an accident” and said there had been no need to bring in a drug-recognition expert to evaluate the 45-year-old Woods for impairment.

But several forensic experts told USA Today Sports that the available evidence in the case indicates Woods was inattentive or asleep when the SUV went right into a median instead of staying in the lane as it curved right.

They cited clues, including the lack of skid marks indicating braking, for questioning the Sheriff Department’s decision to quickly label the crash an “accident” and to not bring in an expert to have the Woods’ blood examined.

“LASD is not releasing any further information at this time,” the sheriff’s department told USA Today Sports in a statement. “The traffic collision investigation is ongoing and traffic investigators continue to work to determine the cause of the collision.”

The reason experts are “suspicious” is that Tiger can’t remember details about the accident.

Well, he was discovered passed-out at the scene by a local resident, so is it that shocking he can’t recall details?

The Post piece goes on to say that accident reconstruction experts said the Tiger’s inability to remember driving at all was reason enough to bring in a drug-recognition expert or DRE.


“I would have thought that you would have him evaluated by a DRE to see whether or not there are some physical clues beyond the operation that would point to impairment,” said Charles Schack, a former New Hampshire state police trooper who is now president of Crash Experts, which analyzes accidents.

“To an untrained person, sometimes the effects are a bit more subtle, and require a bit more in-depth examination to bring out the evidence of impairment,” he told USA Today Sports.

Man, they’re really digging to find some dirt on Tucker. I wish officials would work this hard to investigate the 2020 election or the details behind the shooting of Ashli Babbit at the Capitol.


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