[VIDEO] Tomi Lahren and Leo Terrell Have Noticed Something About Biden’s “Fall”

[VIDEO] Tomi Lahren and Leo Terrell Have Noticed Something About Biden’s “Fall”

At this point, it’s pretty much a common consensus that Biden is nowhere near equipped for the job at hand.

His cognitive issues have been ongoing for quite some time, but now that he’s in the White House, many more eyes are on him and it seems that his condition is worsening.


But if you were to ask Democrats or even the media, they would be hard-pressed to show any concern about Biden’s fitness for the job.

Especially when he went tumbling down the stairs of Air Force One, which the media barely even expressed interest in.

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Now compare that to their hysteria over Trump walking slowly down a ramp at West Point nearly a year ago, and you can clearly see the unbelievable hypocrisy here.

Which is exactly what Leo Terrell and Tomi Lahren are hammering down during this Fox News interview.

Watch the video:

They are absolutely spot on.

When it comes to his mental/physical fitness the media is basically completely silent.

However, they have been on a desperate quest to get some morsel of credibility back and have been shredding Biden pretty consistently on his disastrous border situation.

Just take this story from the super-liberal NPR, where they actually criticize Biden for reversing Trump’s border policies.

From NPR

Former acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf says Trump officials warned the incoming Biden administration that dismantling the Trump administration’s immigration policies would cause problems at the southern border.

The Biden administration has largely blamed the challenges at the border on the previous administration, saying it gutted the Department of Homeland Security and used inhumane practices to try to deter migrants. Biden officials describe steps they’ve taken to accept the new influx of unaccompanied minors into the country and end controversial programs that require migrants to remain in Mexico as “a moral imperative.”

But some former Trump administration leaders, such as Wolf, say the Biden administration is dismantling systems that worked.

“There is no consequence anymore,” Wolf told NPR. “The administration is treating this as though it’s a capacity issue and not an illegal behavior issue, and that’s a fundamental difference.”


So do you think the media misses Trump yet?

I’d say so, considering they have to practically walk on eggshells with this sham administration.

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