This OH City Councilman Noticed a Very Curious “Phenomenon” With Today’s Trump Supporters

This OH City Councilman Noticed a Very Curious “Phenomenon” With Today’s Trump Supporters

A city councilman from Ohio made a really keen observation about today’s Trump supporters.


And it really caught my eye, because I’ve noticed the same thing he did, and I wondered if maybe you’ve all noticed this as well…

When I have been out and about, driving around, I’ve noticed in my neck of the woods that there are a TON of “Trump 2020” signs and flags still out in front of houses and even some storefronts.

Granted, the Michigan country I live in is considered “Trump Country,” so I didn’t think much of it, but apparently, a lot of you are noticing this in the areas where you live as well.

That’s what City Councilman Aaron Carpenter has noticed while he’s been out in his community, too.

It says a lot about today’s Trump supporters – we know who won the election and we’re not backing down, no matter what the media, Dems, and GOP RINOs say.


Here’s what Aaron Carpenter said: “It is amazing to me just how many people still have a Trump sign in their yard or on their property.”

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Other people have said they’re also seeing this phenomenon:

“Seen this week in New Hampshire and Vermont. Trump signs and flags all over”

“I still have mine up!”

“It’s so awesome to see”

“All of mine still stand proudly! Think I’ll add some more this weekend!!”

“Yes, it’s fantastic! Mine are still up as are numerous Patriots in my town”

“Cause he is the only one we can trust!!”

“I fly mine proudly along with my back the blue flag. It will remain indefinitely.”

“I work outdoors and see tons and love it”

“He became a movement.”

“I’m still flying my Trump 2020 flag.”

“I put a 4 in place of the 0”

“My sign & flag are still out!!”

There are so many more comments just like these.


Looks like Trump the supporters flying their flags are a sign of the Biden “resistance.”

We love to see it…keep it (and the flags and signs) UP!




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