Everyone’s Asking “Who’s Really Running the WH?”…Richard Grenell Says He Knows…

Everyone’s Asking “Who’s Really Running the WH?”…Richard Grenell Says He Knows…

Well, if the idea of Biden being our “leader” wasn’t terrifying enough, apparently there’s a “shadow” president who’s calling all the shots.

And more and more Americans are asking “who’s really running the White House?”


After a barrage of executive orders, Richard Grenell is smelling something very fishy and is calling out who he believes is standing at the helm of all of this – and it’s probably not who you think it is….

Susan Rice.

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According to Grenell, the disgraced liar Susan Rice is actually the “real president” of the U.S. and is the one who called the shots on all the EO’s that Biden has issued.

From Fox News

“I think you need to watch Susan Rice very closely,” he said on “Sunday Morning Futures.” “She will be the shadow president.”

Grenell called Biden’s pick “interesting” considering Rice has no experience in domestic policy but nonetheless will be “incredibly influential” under the new administration.

Having served in the Obama administration as national security adviser, Rice already understands the “entire apparatus,” Grenell said.

“I think the reality is, she’s going to be running foreign policy, domestic policy,” he said. “She’s probably extremely happy that Kamala Harris is going to be preoccupied with the Senate… and won’t have a lot of time to get into policy issues.”

Grenell theorized that the Democrats elected Biden because he could be swayed.

“We saw him raise his hand during the Democratic primary for some really radical ideas,” he said. “The progressives have clearly taken over him… And Susan Rice being right there at the White House to be the shadow president is probably exactly where she wants to be.”

This administration just keeps getting worse and worse by the day.


Really, which one is more frightening to be running this country?


Susan Rice, who blamed the deaths of four Americans on a YouTube video, or Joe Biden who can’t even string together a coherent sentence?

It’s a toss-up.


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